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NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre
NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre - Sharing the Future in Packaging
NVC Netherlands Packaging Centre - Sharing the Future in Packaging


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Today the October edition of the World Packaging Standardisation Newsletter (WPSN) was published. This newsletter keeps you informed about the developments in international packaging standards (ISO, CEN etc). If you are interested in receiving the newsletter by e-mail every three months or would like to receive a sample copy, please send an e-mail to Helen Crowe (
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Are you already taking full advantage of the NVC membership? Check out the advantages and share it with your colleagues!

NVC is the association of companies addressing the activity of packaging throughout the supply chain of packaged products. The NVC membership offers the following benefits for you and all of your colleagues:

You are part of and contribute to our extensive worldwide (knowledge) network in packaging

Support in answering your packaging questions

Always up-to-date on the important worldwide packaging developments with the NVC Information Services

Attractive discounts for all NVC course programmes, courses and workshops

Extra support for your visits to and participation in NVC partner events (exhibitions, conferences)

Extra exposure for your packaging activities through social media and other NVC activities

Reliable and user-friendly Buyers' Guide: supply and demand of packaging materials, machinery and services

You can participate in NVC member projects: discover new opportunities, get inspired and innovate!
NVC strives to be a reliable, independent and innovative source of inspiration for each member-company, now and in the future. Can we be of any assistance, please contact us right away (
NVC: Sharing the future in packaging!
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Who wins GOLD and is awarded the packaging innovation of 2014? Join us for the NVC Packaging Innovation Dinner (30 September) and find out who wins!
On Tuesday 30 September 2014 the 10th edition of the NVC Packaging Innovation Dinner takes place. Location is Holland Casino Utrecht in the proximity of packaging exhibition Macropak 2014 in the Jaarbeurs exhibition centre.The highlight of the evening is the announcement of the winner of Packaging Innovation Contest De Gouden Noot, the world’s most competitive packaging innovation contest.
The NVC Packaging Innovation Dinner is a unique opportunity for informal networking. All finalists and the jury of De Gouden Noot 2014 will be present, just like the NVC board and graduates of the NVC Course Programmes in Packaging. Every participant is joined by seven other participants from the various parts of the supply chain of packaged products at his or her table.
According to tradition there will be a creative networking activity during the dinner. Theme for this year: ‘Rumour in the shop!’.
Would you like to attend? Subscribe now via 
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Put training in your 2015 budget!
Each year, more is expected: fewer people and more work. How do you keep your employees involved? The answer: training & development.
NVC supports employees in all companies in the supply chain of packaged products with a wide range of course programmes, courses and workshops. Classes take place in classroom, online and/or in-company, in Dutch or English.
Do you want to know more or do you want us to make an analysis of the knowledge needed in your company, please contact us soon ( We are happy to talk to you!
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Sharing the future in packaging in the Benelux at the upcoming Macropak packaging show
NVC will be sharing the future in packaging with the 16,000 visitors and 400 exhibitors of the Benelux packaging show Macropak from September 30th to October 3rd. We wish you a warm welcome at the NVC stand 02C020 at the entrance of hall 2. The NVC stand is the ideal operating base for your day at the Macropak. Make it your meeting place: we will take care of an effective location with a cup coffee and Dutch delicacies. Meanwhile you can study the ten finalists of packaging innovation contest De Gouden Noot 2014 there.

NVC Walk-in Seminars are taking place every day at the NVC Theater. These seminars are open for visitors and exhibitors from Macropak and focus on current packaging trends.

The communicative aspects of the package and the related marketing and design activities are highlighted at NVC deSIGN. Get inspiration on new ways to add (additional) emotional value to packages and packaged products, to enhance the product experience and possibly even to give a personal signature to each packaged product. NVC deSIGN takes place on Wednesday morning October 1st and Thursday afternoon October 2nd at the Macropak deSIGN theater.

Students and those responsible for packaging education within their company can meet the NVC crew for more information about education in packaging. Teaching can be organised in the classroom, in-company or increasingly online with a live tutor.

Will you be visiting the Macropak and are there issues you want to discuss privately or in the context of one of the many NVC activities? Please contact us ( so we can schedule a meeting at the show. You can visit the Macropak with a free entrance ticket.
We look forward to meeting you in Utrecht at NVC stand 02C020!
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Soon the Inspectorate will be asking if your packaging complies to the environmental legislation in Europe. Prepare your answer now!
The Dutch Inspectorate (Inspection Living Environment and Transport, Ministry of Infrastructure and Environment) is ramping up their inspection visits in the field of packaging and environment this autumn. Their visit to you will include the requirement to demonstrate that your packaging complies to the European essential requirements on their 1:1 transfer into the national law. Please note that these requirements apply to each of your packages and that they may affect both manufacturers of packaged products and suppliers and manufacturers of packages.
We advise our member-companies (i.a. based on communication between NVC and the Inspectorate) to integrate the relevant documentation in their existing Quality Assurance of Product Development system and to refer to the global ISO standards on packaging and environment.
Learning why and how to apply the ISO standards on packaging and environment? Follow the online E-Workshop Sustainable Innovation in Packaging.
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Exams for Diplomas NVC Packaging Professional now available in English as well
From 2015 on candidates for the exams NVC Packaging Professional I and II can also choose English (in addition to Dutch) as the language in which their examination will take place. This was announced on July 14th by the independent foundation responsible for managing the exams and the Register of NVC Packaging Professionals which now holds 574 graduates. The decision reflects the growing demand by students to accelerate their career on a European and global scale by being able to communicate professionally in English. The decision concerns all exams (both verbal and written) commencing in the year 2015 and further.
In the context of the European Qualifications Framework EQF, the Diplomas NVC Packaging Professional can be valued at Level 5 (NVC Packaging Professional I) and Level 6 (NVC Packaging Professional II).
Stichting NVC Examens
Stichting NVC Examens
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Online education in packaging in July and August as well
You can join the NVC E-Workshops in July and August as well. The following workshops have been scheduled:
- Risk of pharmaceutical packaging materials
- NVC E-Workshop Sustainable Innovation in Packaging
- NVC E-Workshop Labelling Legislation of Food Products
- NVC E-Workshop Flexible Plastic Packaging
- NVC E-Workshop Paper and Board Packaging
- NVC E-Workshop Food Contact Materials Legislation
All E-Workshops consists of two three-hour sessions divided over two separate workshop days. The workshop language is business English and all supporting documentation is provided in English as well. Students can participate collaboratively or individually in online assignments, being either offered in real-time during the E-Workshop itself or offline as preparation or reference after the E-Workshop has taken place.
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Best informed in packaging with the global NVC information services MOU, MERGE and WPSN
On Thursday July 3rd, more than three thousand contact persons within the NVC company members have received the monthly NVC Members-only Update (MOU). Thursday July 10th the MERGE will be published, followed by the WPSN on Thursday July 17th. MOU provides the global overview of packaging developments in the past month. MERGE focuses on environmental legislation and regulations. WPSN addresses the global packaging standards. If you would like to receive the MOU, MERGE or WPSN as well, send an e-mail to if you have questions about this wealth of information, contact the association office (by phone or by e-mail); we are more than happy to help you.
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Number of NVC Packaging Professionals reaches 574

On June 24th the graduation ceremony took place for the diplomas NVC Packaging Professional I and II for those students who successfully completed the exams in the past twelve months. Nineteen students are now qualified NVC Packaging Professional and their names are added to the Register of NVC Packaging Professionals, bringing the total number to 574. In terms of the European Qualifications Framework for Life Long Learning EQF the diplomas are valued at level EQF5 and EQF6, respectively. The examination is managed by an independent foundation: the Stichting NVC Examens. This fall the new groups start for both NVC Course Programmes in Packaging, welcoming students from all over Europe.
Click here for the press release about the graduation ceremony:
Click here for the NVC Course Programme in Packaging I:
Click here for the NVC Course Programme in Packaging II:
Click here for information about the Stichting NVC Examens (including the Competence Profiles, the Final Attainment Levels and the Examination Requirements):
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