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A guide on how to set up and run the #office365   #android  SDK sample

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Check out this article to learn how to use the Office 365 SDK for iOS in Swift. #office365   #office365dev   #swift  

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Send email using Mail API in C#
Because I couldn't find anything online, here's my contribution to the community. This code snippet shows you how to send a message using the C# SDK for the Exchange Mail REST API. IMessage message = new Message(); Recipient recipient = new Recipient(); rec...

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Making a REST call to the Files API
In this post, I'll show how to make a REST call to the Files API. Note: There is a  good article written by Matthias Leibmann , Program Manager in the Exchange team, on using OAuth to access Calendar, Contact and Mail API in Office 365. It's not as easy as ...

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Running the Mail Sample Project for Office 365 Android SDK
My previous post covered setting up the Office 365 Android SDK and configuring it within Eclipse/ADT. I also wrote about the import errors that you may see, and how to fix those.  Now let's actually run the sample projects to see what the new Office 365 API...

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Getting Started with Dropbox Core API for Android
Dropbox has several APIs listed on their developer portal , and that can be a little confusing at first. Take your time to poke through each one, and find out for yourself which one works best for you. I wanted to learn how to integrate Dropbox functionalit...

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Setting up the Office 365 SDK for Eclipse/ADT
Office 365 APIs is a set of APIs that allow you to consume and interact with Office 365 services like SharePoint, OneDrive for Business, and Exchange. As of September 2014, the APIs are currently in Preview. While it's not encouraged that you use the APIs i...

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Picasso Library
Ever wondered if there were an Android library that'd handle displaying photos for you in a beautiful grid, and most importantly, display it quickly? I've been using Picasso by Square in a couple of my projects since the beginning of the year and I really l...

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Great Slide Deck: Ten Reasons Developers Hate Your API
When designing an API, it's important to follow several well-intentioned and reasonable principles. Check out this slide deck  for a great overview of the different principles you should adhere to when developing an API! It covers everything from documentat...

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Android + Drive: Getting Started with Google Drive on Android
Google makes it so easy to integrate the Drive API into Android. Firstly, Google Drive has been part of Android for some time now. That means you don't have to download any additional SDK since all you need is the Google Play Services library that comes bun...
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