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Just a little something of interest:

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People who are interested in Psychopathy may find my website of interest. Visit link below...


Some of the things I have to say overlap between Windows 8 issues and issues pertaining to pre-installed programs & apps by Acer and vice versa.

I have at this time nothing negative to say about the Acer computer as such. It seems to be decent, good and effective hardware.

My issues are with how the Acer concern handles and chooses pre-installed programs from third parties, and how their practice interferes with the customer's privacy experience and ease of freedom to make their own choices.


I am not sure that I like the configuration of Windows 8 as it seems to place by far the main part of their focus on Apps whereas functionality as such has become more of a secondary thing, the overview is overly simplified and certain common features can even be difficult to find.

The Start menu consists pretty much only of Apps from third parties, though I did notice a mail "link". There is for example no easy access to 'shut down', 'sleep', or 'switch accounts' functions, and the one button that is available is not on the Start menu. It is a 'Power' button and sits on the task bar. If you click it, however, power is not turned off and the computer is not shut down, you are merely being logged out from your desktop with the possibility of logging into a different account or logging back into where you came from.

If you want to shut down your computer you apparently can only do so by pushing the power button on the computer itself - the same button that turns it on. In my experience pressing the power button directly leads to the programs that you may still have open to be closed down without save.--Maybe it's just me and this is how everybody will be doing things from now on? If so, an introduction to this as well as the many other changes to features mechanics and how they work would've been nice.

Instead I was given a very short intro to how apps can be used and the drag and drop function of these in the Start Menu.--You can drag them and drop them, but not outside the start menu, they're there to stay unless you'll go through an endless process of deleting every single app manually. I may eventually chose to do this and it shall be interesting to see how many there actually are.

Maybe I'm just slightly overwhelmed, or maybe it's because I have such bad experiences with applying apps to the left and right, I like my privacy (which I already don't have, but that's no reason to allow everything in unchallenged; you can at least try to put up a fight), and furthermore, this new design reminds me sadly of Facebook, the one media I've so far kept away from, no doubt with consequences for my publicity wherefore I will eventually get more involved there, but do I really have to get the whole concept pre-imported to my own computer?


On my first look through on the Start menu I found no less than 4 apps for free arcade type online games, sitting within the boundaries of the visibility of my screen. Why the hell would I be interested in this type of spam? If I was so much into free computer games I would make a simple search and they'd all be there for my picking.

There were three apps for weather forecasts, also within immediate vision, 4 for news & weather, 3 for Sports & news and 2 for sports alone. There were a few for world economy and a couple for world business and economy. These latter ones I might be interested in, but I like to make my own search so as to find exactly what I'm looking for.

Again, the one thing I dislike the most is for others to make my choices for me, even if I can later say 'thank you for your kindness and your wise choices and pickings on my behalf, but I think I'll opt out, meaning I think I'll take the time to painfully uninstall what you chose for me (or was it for you and your affiliates?).

I guess my displeasure shines through, and I didn't really mean it to be as overt as it has become, but I'm going to post this text anyway because I think my points are valid and my irritation appropriate.

I've attempted to delete some of the many unnecessary programs installed on my new computer. As I did this with the eBay program a popup said 'Do you want this program to make changes to your computer?' I checked to see the details, but there was nothing that said what the program is or what it is called and the publisher is unknown. The rest of the data looks like this:


So I made a search on these words and found two websites with info on how to "Fix msi Installer in three easy steps" (the three easy steps are 1. download program, 2. run program and get a frightening list of things that are wrong with your computer, and 3. buy program in order to fix the issues). Both required me to buy a program and both described the cause for problems with an msi Installer this way:

"Windows Installer problems occur when important operating system files become misconfigured, deleted or damaged. This is a common problem with computers that don't get maintained regularly. Eventually the system becomes overloaded with problems and begins to crash and display errors."

I find that interesting considering the fact that my computer is two days old and I've installed 10 programs in total (Adobe Flash Player, Adobe Reader Xl, something called Wordz and PDF Converter (because I can't seem to find Wordpad anywhere on the web; I may delete the PDF Converter because I detest their placing adds inside the window and in a foreign language spoken locally in the area), AVG, Firefox Browser, Tor Bundle, Google Talk, Chrome Browser, and Skype.

I guess I'll just have to allow this program with it's unknown publisher to delete the programs that I really, really do NOT want to see on my desktop or anywhere else on my computer.

I've downloaded the newest AVG (expensive, but I don't want anything like what happened to my previous computer to happen to my new computer, and I know there are people out there who'd love to make it happen, so the investment is worth it) and have subscribed to an online file storage program as well. I also have McAfee Security Scan Plus (it was pre-installed on my computer along with all the rest on the endless list of useless &/or needless programs and apps), and I've gone through every procedure I can think of to make my computer's functionality up to date.

Yet I keep getting a pop-up saying 20% of my files aren't protected and 'Click here, buy now - pay 20% less limited offer' and I have no idea who's behind this advertisement/scare attempt, I won't find out until I click the button which may lead to my having to buy.

There are other programs that pop up on top of the webpages I'm viewing. They give me only one option: To click on their 'click here to buy', clicking the 'close window'button doesn't work. If you click the 'click here to buy' button you're taken to their website where you get the option to 'download now and go to payment'. I can chose that or click the back button which takes me back to the pop-up that I can't close.

I will add, update, or possibly correct content as I learn more and become more familiar with the review subjects.

Thank you for reading.

Please link or leave a comment.

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"You don't need to have evil motives for wanting to fake your identity or go incognito online; for many people, it's a matter of privacy and avoiding spammers and scammers." -- Quoting from Article at Lifehacker.

It's sad that you can't care about your privacy and behave accordingly on the Internet without authorities making the automatic assumptions that you have something to hide, that you must be engaged in illegal activity. In some areas of the world attempting to secure your privacy does in fact ensure that you get scrutinized and monitored even more intensively than if you settle for Internet Explorer and abstain from any use of proxy and other devices for privacy optimization.

Greetings, everybody.

I came upon this community when I looked through the community list. It was listed as one of the first in the category of philosophy, and one of my Google+ contacts is already a member. I have high regards for his thoughts and basic ideologies, so it seemed obvious to me that I would pay you a visit. Doing so it was soon clear that I agree with my Google+ friend, and so here I am.

Edit: Oh, and how can I not enjoy to be part of a community that commits a whole section to Blindsight? ;)
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