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National Speleological Society
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2813 Cave Avenue Huntsville, AL 35810-4431
Fellowship of cave explorers and cave scientists
A non-profit membership organization dedicated to the scientific study of caves and karst; protecting caves and their natural contents through conservation, ownership, stewardship, and public education; and promoting responsible cave exploration and fellowship among those interested in caves.    


Congratulations to the newly-elected NSS Directors!

Julie Schenck Brown: 1,393 votes (71.1%); elected to a three-year term
Peter Youngbaer: 1,260 votes (64.3%); elected to a three-year term
Bill Jackson: 1,240 votes (63.3%); elected to a three-year term
Jean DeVries: 1,213 votes (61.9%); elected to a three-year term
Kim Fleischmann: 1,175 votes (59.9%); elected to a two-year term
Bob Barns: 956 votes (48.8%); elected to a one-year term

9,073 ballots were sent out, of which 1,966 votes were collected (21.7%).
The election was open from April 6 through June 8.
NSS Members: NSS President Wm Shrewsbury will present a webinar on our Headquarters refinancing on Thursday night, May 19, at 9:00pm EDT. This is a great opportunity for you to learn about the HQ refinancing and the options the NSS is considering.

Please register at

After registering, you will receive a confirmation email containing information about joining the webinar.
Webinar organizers are prohibited from soliciting confidential personal information (credit card information, social security numbers, etc.) in the registration form. This questionnaire is not intended to handle sensitive data. Your NSS member number ...
Exciting story and great video on collecting cave bacteria to create new antibotics!
The USPS is releasing a new stamp with a photo taken in Carlsbad Caverns! Check it out!
WASHINGTON — A dramatic photograph of the interior of Carlsbad Caverns was previewed today as the fifth of 16 Forever Stamp images to be revealed over a three-week period to celebrate the National Park Service's 100th anniversary. Carlsbad Caverns National Park, NM ...
NSS Members - Remember to vote in the 2016 NSS Director's Election! You should have received an electronic ballot from to the email address you have on file with the NSS; that email may be in your spam folder! We have six seats to fill this year, due to two directors having to step down early, so you may vote for up to six of the eight candidates. Please contact Nathan Farrar ( with any questions regarding the process. Thanks!
Dream job….for NSS Member Dr. Gina Moseley!
Geologist Gina Moseley started caving for sport when she was 13 years old, and now she’s in it for science. Moseley is constructing the first cave-based record of past climate change for Greenland.…
Hi everyone! Its almost Spring and the 2016 VAR is just around the corner. The Tri-State Grotto is excited to host VAR this year at Endless Caverns Fri, Apr 22nd - Sun, Apr 24th. Registration is $35 per person, $30 for registrants 5-12, with under 5 free.

The Spring VAR registration form can be downloaded at:
The NSS Section of Cave Geology and Geography is accepting abstracts for presentations at the Geology and Geography Session of the 2016 NSS Convention, to be held July 16-23 in Ely, Nevada. Each year, the Geology and Geography Section of the NSS hosts talks featuring the latest research in geology, hyrdology, speleogenesis, and many other topics related to caves and karst. All abstracts will be considered to be for oral presentations unless a poster presentation is specifically requested. At this time, we have not reserved poster space, but could accommodate a poster session if there is sufficient interest and enough advance notice is given to convention organizers. As we did last year, we also encourage interested researchers to bring posters from other conferences such as GSA, AGU, and ICS that may be of interest to attendees at convention. This provides an additional opportunity to share your work with your colleagues.

Abstracts may be no more than 250 words in length (this limit must be strictly met). In addition to the text, the abstracts should contain the title of the paper, and the name(s), address(es), and email address(es) of the author(s). The abstracts should be informative summaries that include the conclusions, and not lists of topics that "...will be discussed." Bibliographies and references should not be given in the abstracts. Papers may be submitted for either oral presentation as a poster. Please specify your preference when submitting your abstract.

Please send any questions and your abstracts to:
Katherine Schmid,

The deadline for abstracts is May 27, 2015. Early submissions are encouraged. Confirmation notes will be sent to everyone sending an abstract. Details on presentations times, dates, and other information will be sent to all confirmed participants after the deadline. For online details about the convention, visit: The talks are generally twenty minutes long and include time for questions.
The NSS Library was moved to our new location in Huntsville last weekend! Plenty of room, shelves which easily open on tracks, and new carpet, all in a fire-resistant room. This is the largest caving library in the world. Thank you to all the volunteers for their great work!
Check out the latest NSS Webinar!
Feeling the Heartbeat of Paleolithic Artists in Spain
By Charles Schwalbe

La Pasiega cave, located in the province of Cantabria in Northern Spain, is one of the premier examples of cave art in the world The mountain and its caves were inhabited and used by humans (both Homo sapiens and Neanderthal) going back at least 150,000 years. It has been declared UNESCO World Heritage sites for its Paleolithic art, created some 40,000 years ago. La Pasiega is richly decorated with hundreds of animal figures and ideomorphic symbols whose underlying purpose and meaning are an enigma to us today
NSS Members - the April 2016 Conservation Issue of the NSS News is available online!
Hi everyone! Its almost Spring and the 2016 VAR is just around the corner. The Tri-State Grotto is excited to host VAR this year at Endless Caverns Fri, Apr 22nd - Sun, Apr 24th. Registration is $35 per person, $30 for registrants 5-12, with under 5 free.
The Spring VAR registration form can be downloaded at: