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National Speleological Society
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2813 Cave Avenue Huntsville, AL 35810-4431
Fellowship of cave explorers and cave scientists
A non-profit membership organization dedicated to the scientific study of caves and karst; protecting caves and their natural contents through conservation, ownership, stewardship, and public education; and promoting responsible cave exploration and fellowship among those interested in caves.    


The NSS Executive Search Committee is looking for candidates for Administrative Vice-President, and Secretary-Treasurer. Job descriptions and contact info can be found at
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The NSS is seeking a Social Media Committee (SMC) Chair. After several years, our current Chair, Liana “Lee” Boop, is to stepping down. Many, many thanks to Lee for taking a fledgling committee and turning it into the premier content it now is.

Duties of the SMC Committee Chair shall, in the broadest sense, oversee the actions of the SMC. They will foster the creation of high-quality materials by SMC members by offering respectful critique and guidance while encouraging creativity and innovation in all team members.

Specific duties include:
• Coordinate distribution of content over Facebook, Google+, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest, and Tumblr;
• Principally monitor;
• Prepare tri-annual progress and analytical reports in advance of BOG meetings;
• Discuss the use of social media with NSS internal organization leaders to explore beneficial growth directions;
• Oversee graphic design operations and give final proofread before release;
• To the extent possible, recruit new talent and fulfill duties of vacant positions within the SMC; and
• Monitor and maintain the Google Calendar embedded at

Please send inquires to The desired start date for this volunteer position is August 1, 2015. Learn more about the SMC's duties and personnel at
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Help wanted: Internet computer programmer/analyst to port the IO processing from a non-NSS server to the NSS server.

You will be working with Keith Wheeland, Chair of the NSS IO Committee, and Alex Sproul, Chair of the NSS IT Committee, plus Drew Northup, who has already volunteered to work on the project. A lot of the work has already been done by Matt Bowers.

Must be an NSS member.
Must be highly proficient in PHP and MySQL
Must be able to work with others, besides working independently.

Please contact Keith Wheeland to apply or to ask questions.
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#NSS2015 registration opens at noon on Saturday.
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It is worth a 15 hour drive to attend this event. I sure regret not swimming in Roubideaux Spring.
The Mid-Atlantic Karst Conservancy is making efforts to preserve cave and karst books and periodicals by establishing a library for these publications. There is still time to contribute to the crowd funding effort to raise funds for repairs to the library. The NSS supports this effort and hopes you or your organization will consider making a contribution. Following the link below will take you to the funding campaign for further explanation and where you can make a contribution.

Thank you for supporting caving activities of all sorts!
The 2015 National Cave Rescue Operations and Management Seminar kicks off today in Park City, KY. Thank you to all participants who train to respond when something goes wrong.
Did you forget your towel last week at the 2015 NSS Convention in Waynesville, MO? The NSS Bookstore has you covered:
Who had fun last week at Convention? Mark your calendars now for the 2016 NSS Convention, held July 17-23, 2016 in Ely, Nevada.
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#NSS2015 registration is OPEN!

If you haven’t already, put this into your GPS!

Waynesville High School
200 Gw Ln
Waynesville, MO 65583

Registration Hours:

Saturday, July 11 noon until Monday, July 13 5:00 pm
Tuesday, July 14 – Friday July 17 8:00 am – 5:00 pm
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Howdy Party Report:

I can only summarize a tiny part of the Howdy Party and only from the perspective of a semi-retired recreational caver from Texas.

I drove from FISHER CAVE tour late Monday afternoon, and barely got to the high school in time to register. I had already spent all my energy and knew I was not only working on 2 cylinders, but I had to leave early to try to drive back to Houston, Texas.

Upon my arrival at the party, I found 2 long lines, of hungry cavers, of what looked like 350 people.

I met with the chief cook and asked him if I could donate a watermelon, and he set me up in the kitchen.

After putting the melon out I got in line. There were cavers from all over, but I noticed about 30 cavers from Texas that I knew by face and name.

The non-Texas cavers I see once a year for an hour, so it is really hard to remember them all, especially 48 hours later ( I am back in Houston now on my work break ). But I saw Joe Douglass, and Mark Minton, and Yvonne, and Elvis and Alex Sproul and the Kastnings, but the highlight for me is sharing a conversation with Richard Blenz. He is like the Bruce Wayne of caving.
I also saw members of the Terminal Siphons, Keith and Lisa Goggin. And Katie Ingram and Kelly Smallwood and Jacob Hardy, and Natalie Hanson, and Jo Shaeper.

Soon, I had a stuffed plate of food, including a delicious veggie burger.

It took 3 sodas to wash down all that food, as I do not drink beer.

At least 250 cavers were eating under a big circus tent. Others found it much cooler in the shadow of the tent.

About 30 to 40 cavers gathered around the beer stand.

After over-eating, I tried my best to be sociable. It was frickin hot, so I figured I would take a quickie shower, before the band got wound up. Upon leaving the shower a wasp stung me on the end of my thumb. I had not been bit by a wasp in 40 years, so the initial moment of pain was quite unpleasant.

A caver quickly showed up and gave me a tiny thing that had benzocaine impregnated in it to numb the pain.

Then I enjoyed the first performance of the band and socialized with cavers.

I snuck out as the party was winding up, and drove to Durant, Oklahoma, were I passed out in my car till I was ready to drive again.