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So today on my way home, I watched this fucking prick hit the truck in front of me as (s)he got into the left lane. I remember watching and noticing how close to the truck this car was getting. Fucking asshole didn't even pay attention as (s)he clipped the left rear corner of the truck pretty hard. I watched as the guy's truck swayed from the impact as the dickless piece of shit just kept right on driving.

Unfortunately, I couldn't get my phone out fast enough to get a pic of the offender's plate as the light turned green. :(

Dude in front of me saw what I was doing, and he was looking at me in his side mirror. I glanced back and shook my head, and he returned the sentiment with like a shrug and a "what are ya gonna do?" expression.

Lemme ask you guys, would you have gotten out of the car to do something while traffic was stopped? Maybe whip out a pistol and shoot the person's tires out? >:\ I hate people.
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Citizen arrest is still legal in this country thankfully...
Hit and Run, what an asshole! At least they didn't hit you though, wouldn't want to be down two vehicles.
Yeah that's not even my truck I was driving. I might have to start though. The problem is, I hate driving it right now because of the things I have to fix on it. Plus I got spoiled by my Camaro, and whenever I drive anything else, I'm always like "fuck! Why does this thing drive like shit?!" I'll never buy anything with a solid rear axle again. :P
I got a new splint on it yesterday. I took it off to shower this morning and I noticed pain when I try to bend it up or down. They focused on the scaphoid bone which is a common, easily-missed fracture point when they did the xrays. I think I'll mention this new pain next time I go in.

Also found a car I want as a replacement out of state so I'm hoping they'll just buy it outright and ship it here for me and I just continue paying off my loan, instead of having them pay my loan and give me like $10k or whatever because then I'd be completely out of a car. :\
Anytime I see wreckless shit like that I whip out the phone or try and memorize the plate. That's shits pathetic. 
Whoa there boss man! No need to go to jail. It was probably a woman anyway. ;D
I only "hit" them in the sexual sense. ;)
Lol! Thomas walking in. "ok bitch drop to your knees so I can dick slap you and go home" lol
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