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Tim Wainwright
I am a freelance writer and dabble in other things.
I am a freelance writer and dabble in other things.

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Foreign Policy Reading: America in Decline?
Two great reads on foreign policy here. Angelo Codevilla is a professor of international relations at Boston University (possibly emeritus by now). He has published numerous books and written op-eds for the Times and WSJ. In 2011, ten years after the 9/11 t...

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Well, things have been busy recently. The Criticwire survey debate begat an Atlantic pitch which begat an article which begat a... response from Derek Thompson and a Huffington Post Live debate with Matt Zoller Seitz?! This is madness. I also got to review ...

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Carroll's "The Philosophy of Horror" Pt. 1: The Introduction
Currently reading through Noel Carroll's The Philosophy of Horror, or: Paradoxes of the Heart . Interesting approach. There have been a ton of great treatments of the horror genre, the most famous probably being C. Clover's Freudian tour-de-force Men, Women...

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The Amazing Superhero Movie Debate 3: Into Darkness
  Another good CriticWire survey about a hot topic, another couple of posts in response, a bunch of tweets, and another mopping up by yours truly. This week, in the wake of Amazing Spidey 2, Sam Adams asked the survey question , "Are there too many superher...

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Blog Plug: The Brennanator Briefing
Former editor over at Marvel Comics, current producer of political comedy show Electoral Dysfunction and all around good guy Tom Brennan is getting his blog back up and running. He starts his new series with an argument for why the Right should love Jeb Bus...

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Fading Gigolo: John Turturro Interview
John Turturro was gracious enough to answer a couple of questions about Fading Gigolo . I liked the movie. This guy is a veteran of many campaigns.

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The Hipster GOP?
This is from a fundraising email the RNC sent out this morning:   The opening lines from the email, "written by" President GHWB: Uh....wut? I suspect "hipster outreach." A quick Google search confirmed that President Bush's intense sock game is a real thing...

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Poor Twitter Etiquette
Good morning, you filthy animals. Just updated the Eric Heisserer Institute of Social Media Screenwriting Studies page with the transcript of a great Question and Answer session he did last night. You can check that out here . In the process I noticed some ...

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The Politics of Story
I'm slowly making my way through some of the classic books about writing. So far, I've hit Stephen King's On Writing , Robert McKee's Story , Blake Snyder's Save the Cat! and Christopher Vogler's The Writer's Journey . I'm currently in progress on the beaut...

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Rashida Jones and Nick Frost Interview
I was incredibly, incredibly lucky to get this interview. It's a bizarre experience: take four minutes to meet people whose work you've adored for years, ask them anything you want, and then say goodbye forever. Ask anything, sure, but recognize that it mig...
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