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Jane Cordova
I grew up with the name Jane Domian, which was frequently mispronounced "Domain." It rhymed. People thought it was funny. So what else could I do but call my eventual blog JANE's DOMAIN?
I grew up with the name Jane Domian, which was frequently mispronounced "Domain." It rhymed. People thought it was funny. So what else could I do but call my eventual blog JANE's DOMAIN?

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The True Sad Case of the Lousy Lasagna
In my defense, my lasagna didn't look THIS bad. It is a well-known fact in the world of Jane’s Domain that I’m
not much of a cook. I’m more of a “side dish to the party” kinda person. And if
you need a homemade dip and a box of crackers, I’m your go-to gal....

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The Style that Leaves me Cold
So you may have heard me mention before that I’m not much of a
trendsetter. (If you don’t remember – or haven’t read my blog before, read here .) It’s true. I’m at least a step and a half behind the times when
it comes to fashion or the latest technological...

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Who You Callin’ “Cute”?
A friend of mine just called my 92-year-old mother “cute.”   And it cracked me up. Why? Because no one –
and I mean, NO ONE – would ever have
called my mother “cute” back in the day. She was a no-nonsense, take-no-prisoners, in-charge kinda woman.
And you d...

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Where Can I Sign up for the Extended Warranty?
Sometimes I feel like a used car whose warranty just expired and
all the parts now need replacing. Especially lately. Because in the past couple years I’ve been
diagnosed with two bone spurs in my left foot, arthritis in my right knee and
in the last week I...

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I Miss You, Dad. Happy Father’s Day.
Typical "Dad" pose. Arms crossed - probably saying, "Yes, Dear." I’ve been spending a lot of time this past week thinking about
my dad and missing him. Not only because Father’s Day is coming up and it will
be our first Father’s Day without him, but because...

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The Queen of the Night Owls is Now Officially an Old Fogey
It’s an interesting thing getting older. What you once could
have sworn described you to a T is no longer necessarily true. Like, for instance, I used to be the reigning queen of the Night
Owls at one time in my life. In my 20s, friends used to marvel at ho...

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The Elusive Insulated Drink Cup
This was my fourth cruise so I figured I’m pretty much a cruise expert
by this point – right? Well, not so much. It might have been my fourth cruise, but it was my maiden voyage
on Royal Caribbean. Turns out all cruise lines work just a little differently. ...

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Where Oh Where Is Our Hotel? (Subtitle: Riding Around in a Shuttle Van for Three Hours? Not a Fun Way to Start Vacation!)
So we just returned from a 7-day cruise to the Caribbean with
stops in Nassau, St. Thomas and St. Kitts. We went on Royal Caribbean’s Allure of the Seas , which – lemme tell
ya – is one friggin’ big boat! We got a little sun (not too much, which is good for...

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Florida and the Dreaded No-See-Um
Last week I returned from a quickie trip to Florida to visit
good friends. They have a place down in Palm Beach Gardens and enticed me with
a few magic words. You know the ones – Beach . Sun . Ocean . Oh, and let’s not forget that happy word: Shopping . I w...

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Too Much to Do, Too Little TIme
I woke up this morning with my stomach in knots thinking of all
I had to get done today. I hate waking up this way. Almost as much as I hate
waking up to Maggie’s piercing yips in her crate long before the 7 AM alarm
goes off. But what can you do when the d...
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