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Metro Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, and Flagstaff to Bisbee, across Arizona
Metro Phoenix, Tempe, Scottsdale, Gilbert, Chandler, Glendale, and Flagstaff to Bisbee, across Arizona

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A new Fox Cigar Bar will be opening in Scottsdale soon! It started construction in January. There is a Fox Cigar Bar in Gilbert, the first. I'm also working with the owner to get things straightened out. There are a few items that need to be permitted. 

I also have 2 residential additions and one free standing casita to move forward on --real fast! But don't let that stop you from giving me a call! Tow of the residential projects i'm supervising the design and construction documents being produced by another. 

Now to mover forward with Caron Art Studio in Phoenix on 40th St. Kevin does steel sculptures. Enlarging the office area and outdoor covered work area and getting everything permitted like electrical panels. The City of Phoenix planning had to get creative to allow anything new to happen there. Seems that in 1998 an overlay of R-5 was enacted. This is a commercial site because the studio is attached to an auto garage,  the has been there since the 50's.  And R-5 is residential. The art studio and auto garage are essentially not allowed. But no changes to the garage and the art studio as an office space and studio is allowed in residential. The corner building next to the garage was from the same era was originally a market. Would be nice to see that happen again, but once again, not in the zoning. It was a mistake to allow that to happen in 98.

8TRAXX/Luxe bar in Phx was a PBI or Permit by Inspection process. After taken in at the counter, it's a 24-48 hour review to receive Building Permit. I had to lobby for that process. Otherwise it's 20 working days for first review. Did have to get structural engineer involved to verify installation of new 16' wide garage door attachments to overhead wide flange steel beam  to move that forward. Worked out great! 

Two weeks ago permitted interior residential renovations to Phx for house in Ahwatukee. Got an over the counter permit on that. Much appeciate Phx reviewer expeditious handling of that! 

Submitted to City of Scottsdale revised drawings for minor storage additions at Scottsdale Springs Apartments on Osborn. It's a Mark Taylor owned complex. The really nice part of the project is being permitted by corp architect in Connecticut or someplace like that. Sorry I didn't get he call. They did not have a local involved. Think the process on that work would have gone more smoothly. My direct client was Barkeley Construction out of Housoton. The Superintendent here is a great guy and easy to work with. much appreciated! 

Chassis Tech, new ground up 21,000 sf storage warehouse in Mesa was permitted this week. The new building is attached to existing 25,000 sf of manufacturing/storage and office. It was a challenge to get all considered as one building per the codes. Best as one building so the new warehouse can be openly connected to existing warehouse. It's a concrete masonry structure and even had to get Mesa Design Review Board approval. It's a project I picked up from another architect that decided not to continue on it. I did manage to save the client at least $50,000 in construction cost byt getting it as one building  and also being a little strategic with design to decrease materials cost too. 

Last week project in Phoenix, 8TRAXX bar was permitted. 136 E Washington, next to Majerle's Bar and Grill. Client changed name alread to Luxe Bar. It was a space i permitted in 2006 as Silver Bar. The new owners found my set of drawings in the basement and called me! That's exactly what should happen, how about that! 

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the dental office in Phx is just about open, Baptist Dental Center 2,  took a very long for the TI. guess certification from county health is required, no surprise that is taking so long.

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30% of my reading is on sustainable/green construction issues. buildings contribute about 40% of the emissions in the U.S. you might find this interesting. yep, they ea got fined $2000
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