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I have a lot respect for Danny Sullivan but I simply don't get this obsession with numbers that him and most tech journalist have with the number of users on Google+

In my opinion Google+ has proven successful, the users love the service and it's definitely no "buzz".

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Yes, he does go on a bit about it. Everyone seems to take facebook's vanity metrics at 'face' value but when it comes to Google they go out of their way to try and find holes. Total numbers are meaningless. Metrics are very poor at measuring engagement quality yet many obsess over them and make false extrapolations from them.
Plenty of reasoned responses in the blog comments but Danny is having none of it. His arguments are pretty poor and inconsistent. Plenty of people have multiple facebook accounts to present to different audiences and a whole heap I know have commenting accounts, as they do not want their main account linked to commenting system responses. Danny seems to miss the point that Google's business model is completely different to facebook's too. Seems he is pretty myopic on this particular issue.
Every social network skews their numbers anyway. Facebook and Twitter both have inordinate numbers of spam accounts. While I've found a few on Google+, the problem seems to be much better.
I'll agree that the network isn't as big as Facebook, but that's not really important. Like you said, at least Google has a profitable business model. In the long run, that will be the deciding factor.
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