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Lust Have It June 2014
Welcome to my blog post about my June 2014 Lust Have It beauty box unboxing. I realise we are near the end of July, but if you watch my Youtube channel you will know that I tend to receive my LHI boxes in the month after they are released. For some reason t...

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Mini Maybelline Haul
Recently I made a purchase through (which is an Australian site that has sales on items from household goods to clothing to beauty items). A lot of the things I buy are make up, and the prices are amazing. Sometimes the products are discontinu...

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PTSD and life
Every day I live my life with the spectre of PTSD hanging over my head. Living probably isn't really the right word. More like existing. It is hard to live, really live, when hidden triggers are hiding behind every corner. It becomes hard to leave my haven,...

So what is the point of blocking people if you still show up in their circles?

Welcome to my circle waves madly This is the dark side, and we have cookies XD

Now I think it would be good if I could post to here from elsewhere, like my Seesmic LOL - yes, I'm being lazy :D

Hmm.. something new to learn LOL
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