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Andrea Schreiber
I love the shiny, the delicious, and the friendly.
I love the shiny, the delicious, and the friendly.

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* illuminating respect: what is positivity?*
“We can as easily become a prisoner of so-called positive thinking as of negative thinking. It too can be confining, fragmented, inaccurate, illusory, self-serving, and wrong. Another element altogether is required to induce transformation in our lives and ...

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august seeds: respecting the self
"For healing to occur, we must come to see that we are not so much responsible for  our illnesses as responsible to  them." -Christiane Northrup, M.D. Women's Bodies, Women's Wisdom I meant to take only a week or so off from life once I returned from my tri...

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On coming home, healing space and trees.

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**illuminations: coming home **
I have moved at least once every year since 2006. It was a very special feeling when we opened the door to our overheated, musty apartment at 2AM last Thursday to find it just as we left it. We were not returning just to pack up, nor were we arriving to an ...

Rough day...struggling with bad muscle pain and don't have my usual resources to alleviate it. Ugh.

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* seeds: softness, care, compassion and mercy **
This month, the only seeds I'll be planting are the seeds of compassion, softness, understanding, kindness and mercy. karuna -- compassion  Why no new projects? I'll be visiting my family back in Oregon for two weeks in the middle of June. Especially after ...

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* may harvesting: or lack thereof *
As I mentioned in my
latest post, I've been flared up heartily. This means that many of the seeds I
planted early this month, were not well tended. It was a good reminder that the
"seeds" are really just things to try out, to see what I can maybe

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* illuminations: permission to chill *
I'm flared. Like. Badly. I've been flared since I wrote my seeds of May post. It happens. But, well, I'm not finding myself able to follow my normal routines, my normal "functions".  Usually this results in a serious panic attack, multiple tearful rants abo...

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* wise words: when health is not on your side *
Pre-post: Me, blogger, and Microsoft OneDrive got in a fight, and as a result, I have a wonky new layout that I don't have the energy to fix right now. Um. Just, sort of avert your eyes. Sorry. I have a post that I was going to put up, but then I saw this c...

I'm tired of people referring to chronic illness as something to be battled, as a curse, as something evil. It is a part of life. Like all things, it has two sides. I choose to learn about and understand my illness, rather than to try to vanquish it. How can we think to vanquish something if we don't even know what it is? 
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