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Cindy Wallace
Passionate about students and engaging learners through active strategies involving technology.
Passionate about students and engaging learners through active strategies involving technology.

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Oh my!  I am beyond excited about today's tech tool, MySimpleShow , an online movie creator.  I know you are probably thinking, "There are tons of online movie creators, why do I need another one?"  Great question!  My Simpleshow gives you a jump start on y...

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Mega Fun with Marble Runs
One of our favorite discoveries in the past couple of years has been global projects hosted by Jen Wagner on Projects by Jen .  From the O.R.E.O. Challenge to the Holiday Card Exchange, we have had a ball trying out different ideas in our math and social st...

I work with 5th grade students in Texas who are looking to do their first Mystery Skype. We are available from 8:50AM - 11:50AM on Tuesday, December 20.

1st Grade Classrooms looking to try a #MysterySkype for the first time. Anyone willing to connect on Nov 10 or 11 before 10AM or after 1PM CST?

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Math on the Move (Solving for a Determined Variable)
For the past 8 or 9 years, I have spent my time after hours helping students prepare the math section of the ACT.  Each year I analyze the released tests and update my prep workbook to reflect questions most frequently asked.  I LoVe doing this!  To me, wor...

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Augment Your Review Stations with Aurasma
Last week, I tried Augmenting Algebra with Aurasma and it went just...okay. On several occasions, we found that the wrong answer popped up on the screen when the review cards were scanned.  We could remove the card and try again and most of the time that re...

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Engaging Readers and Building Vocabulary Through Augmented Reality
One of my greatest desires is to help students make sense of unfamiliar text and vocabulary. So, it only makes sense to couple augmented and virtual reality resources with an upcoming unit on informational text to serve as a hook on which to hang new inform...

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Giddy Over Giphy
Do you ever stumble upon something that is probably old, but to you it is brand new...never before dreamed or imagined...and you go nuts over just thinking about how your students will react?  Well, that was definitely me last night.  In fact, I woke up thi...

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Augmenting Algebra
I am so excited to have the opportunity to create math experiences again for the first time in 2 years. For the past 4 weeks, I have worked with a group of students on mastering Algebra I content for the (Texas) STAAR EOC.  Each weekend I spend an afternoon...

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Growing Better Writers Through Blogging
We picked up today on a project started last year...blogging.  I am thrilled to say that as I watched the lesson unfold, I saw real learning happening for our sixth grade students.  According to last year's teacher, the hardest part of blogging for our youn...
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