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A visit to Prager Port Works
My roommate and I have taken to Port, so our most recent visit to the Napa Valley started at Prager Winery and Port Works . Port wine is often considered a dessert wine, but, we began our wine tasting this day with the good stuff! Technically not Port wine,...

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Napa Wine Tasting: Robert Mondavi Winery
Stepping into the Robert Mondavi winery in Napa Valley, is like many other winery visits, you are immediately transported to a blissful haven of scenic beauty and tranquility. Even in the heart of wine country, this popular facility is truly like stepping i...

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Del Dotto Cave Tour
After reading all the rave reviews of the Del Dotto cave tours on Trip Advisor and Yelp, I had high expectations for this tour. Also, at $65 a pop, I thought surely, this would be an amazing wine tasting experience. The place is palatial, reminiscent of the...

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Great article on understanding the keto or atkins flu when first adjusting to ketosis

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A Bulletproof, Ketogenic-Paleo Road
Oh, that white crystaline goodness, it is so good, so yummy.... so addictive, so bad for me! In my new quest for better health, fewer prescription medications and better fitness, I have been doing a lot of research. Since I am eternally on a quest for new k...

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Almost Bulletproof Salad and a not so good alternative to Coffee
I have been eating a modified version of the Bulletproof diet for the past few
days, modified because I did not quite have all of the supplies I needed to go
fully Bulletproof. Now that I have everything I need to go fully Bulletproof, I
am going to need to...

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Desperately Seeking Sleep
Two of the items I am trying to focus on this year losing weight and eating healthy, have both led me down the same path. In order to lose weight, I need to eat healthier. In order to lose weight, I also need to decrease stress and the inevitable sustained ...

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Benefits of Massage Therapy
I have been getting massages for years. Originally, as a way to
pamper on my birthday or Mother's day and on occasion, just because life was
crazy and I needed some down time. However, in the past few years, working more
and more stressful jobs and just the...

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Fighting Stress? Try Essential Oils
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