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AFN Latin Tempo - 1980
In the early 1980s Guenther recorded a lot of AFN off air.  Most of the time just the music but there are some neat breaks on these tapes.  I've heard from several Germans that really liked the latin shows.  There were some interesting similarities in the m...

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Jim Ameche - 1965
Before Pete Smith, before John Doremus there was Jim Ameche with 'the most beautiful sounds around' . Jim's radio career started with "Jack Armstrong the All America Boy" in the 1930s. When radio changed in the 1950s Jim adapted his career and became one of...

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An AFN Mystery... 1945
On eBay a few weeks back was a WWII radio script.  Very few details but it sounded interesting.  It's a variety show, for the 321st Bombardment Group.  The 321st still exists as an Air Expeditionary Group, they were in Iraq. The 321st Bombardment Group (Med...

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Charlie Tuna - 1975
Charlie wrote in a few years ago to clear up a mystery I had been wondering about: " I guess whoever tagged that photo at AFRTS didn't check the spelling on my name. The photo is one of a series of shots that world famous photographer Henry Diltz who's done...

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AFRTS 75th Anniversary reunion.
There are a lot of people planning to participate in this one.  Familiar names from the network and troops from all over.  This will include a tour of the network in Riverside. Join past and current members of the Armed Forced Radio and Television Service a...

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Joe Allison 1965
Joe was a very successful songwriter, performer, record label executive, producer, DJ and I'm sure I left something out.  He was the AFRTS voice of country on the Country Corner in the 1960s.  Both Joe and the music were slick (In the good sense).  It was r...

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AFN Operation Information 1953
Operation Information was a weekly "Radio Newsreel" on AFN Berlin. Let's go back to January 1953. Operation Information 15 January 1953     More From AFN

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Mary Turner - 1991
Mary Turner had a great career as a jock and interviewer, we ran her AFRTS-LA show and her syndicated "Off the Record" show. From there she went on to big things: Dr. Mary Turner Pattiz (CGI Psy.D. ’08)From the mid ‘70s to the early ‘90s, Mary Turner was th...

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Roland Bynum - 1973
  In 1973 Roland was making magic for AFRTS and for Roger Carroll's company with these shows for Air Force recruiting.  Off to the Creators Workshop and "Soul In Motion"   Roland Bynum 1973   More Roland Bynum

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AFN Reuinion 2017
Stephen Johnston checks in with our first reunion update of the year. Hi...just thought I'd let you know that 20 of us are meeting in Laguna Beach October 5-8 from the 1966-70 era of AFN Frankfurt. So much of AFN was still profoundly affecting our military...
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