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Jordan J. Caron
SEO, Content Marketing & Online Advertising. Getting clients to out rank and out care their competition.
SEO, Content Marketing & Online Advertising. Getting clients to out rank and out care their competition.


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Anyone have issues with receiving email invites for GMB pages to manage them? I have had a few clients say they have sent me an invite to become a manager of their listing but I never receive an email and their listing isn't in my dashboard.

Before the Google Plus switch to this "new view", I could go to their Google Plus page and in "classic view" see a notification at the top. With no way to access "classic view" this isn't an option anymore.

I checked my Google + settings to see if I have unchecked a box to not receive emails about Google + pages like this person suggests in the Google support forums but no luck.

Any other else dealt with this issue? There has to be some setting I've missed where I am not receiving the emails about invites.

Something just popped into my head. What happens if someone writes the same review on more than one platform? So say Facebook, Google and Yelp. Would Google pick up on this and potential penalize the business?

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For the Canadian SEO's out there. I just saw a Facebook ad for Yellow Pages and their Net Sync product.

I used my company and business as a trial. Within 5 minutes I received a call from a local number. Turns out it was a YP sales rep.

I started chatting with them and they are basically Yext in Canada. Think he said they have the rights in Canada.

Curious to see what the Canadian SEO's think about this. YP has gotten their stuff together. Website looks way better and they're are heavily marketing their services.

Thankfully their customer service is still lacking. I have clients who were with YP for a few years and had 5 different reps and saw little on the way of data and analytics to gauge the YP advertising efforts.

Anyways, I was haggling for a deal as I told him i'm and SEO and this would good for NAP clean up. For $35 I'd get the NetSync premium which does NAP clean up and listings. Catch is you have to sign up for a year. Kind of sucks because if the NAP clean up is done, it's usually done with 1-3 months.


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I've seen lots of discussion about embedding a Google Map on a website so it has the business information. But is there any way to do this and exclude competitors?

I did this for an orthodontist client and each map has three close competitors listed on their map. Anyone else run into this?

I don't mind if a person sees my clients competitors if they're not on my clients website because chances are good they'll find out about them anyways. But I have a feeling the client won't be happy seeing their competitors listed on this map on their website.

PS. I tried a search but didn't find anything.

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Has anyone come across websites that have their phone number listed below their website in the mobile search results? Just did a search and say this.

I checked out their source code and don't see any special coding wrapped around their phone number in the footer.

I've got a mortgage broker who has worked a deal with a real estate company to be an in house agent at three of there offices in three different cities. We have a GMB page for her mortgage office. We're both wondering if she can create three GMB pages and use the real estate offices addresses & phone numbers?

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Did up a mix last month. One of my favourites so far. Some deep & tech house.

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Is anyone interested in account sharing to cut down on costs?

I have an ahefs account (standard plan) which I hardly use but do see some value in and I'm looking to with someone who has a SEMrush guru account they would want to do the same with.

I sat down with a friend and it came out that I lost a job because another company came in and wow'd them with the SEMrush data of their competitors. So I can and do see value in SEMrush but the cost is pretty high.
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