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Windows 10 - I hate you
If you've used windows for a long time, you may find it has become less friendly over time. That is putting it mildly. Every release changes where settings are and what they are called. I swear it is in an effort to make it difficult for you to find a web p...

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C++ Object Construction Working
C++ Object Construction: It Works! I can now create static meshes via code! This was a lot more annoying that it should have been. Every example on the web was wrong because Unreal has altered the API. My function to build an object is simply this: SpawnBlo...

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Unreal Performance Testing with the Vive
Unreal Vive Performance Testing I've been doing some performance testing to see how to increase the number of objects on the screen. Here is what I found: 1. Turning off casting shadows has a huge impact on performance. 2. Objects with 2 textures and few tr...

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A little blueprint demo
I put together a little demo using blueprint and c++. I created an actor that hovered and spun in c++ HEADER: #pragma once #include "GameFramework/Actor.h" #include "FloatingActor.generated.h" DECLARE_LOG_CATEGORY_EXTERN(MyLog, Log, All); UCLASS() class SID...

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c++ and Unreal
c++ and Unreal This has been taking a lot longer than I expected. First I took a break and played No Mans Sky. I sunk a week and a half into that game. Then I found out what the ending was. There is no ending! That was the last straw. I went back and watche...

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Unreal C++
This weekend's objective: Create 2 c++ classes and expose them to blueprint. This may turn out to be nastier than I expect since I need to brush off my c++ coding skills and install a c++ editor. TMap wrapper It boggles my mind that Unreal doesn't support m...

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No Man's Sky
I haven't played the game yet but I've been reading reactions. This is very important because I am also creating a procedural world. I will be posting reactions that provide specific insights. Here is one:

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Choosing a direction
There is so much to learn and do it can be overwhelming to know where to go next, The myriad of directions leaves you sometimes going in none. Option overload... Should I polish my blender skills? Should I continue to study blueprints? Should I practice imp...

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Multiple Texture UV Mapping in Blender for Unreal 4
Multiple Texture UV Mapping in Blender for Unreal 4 That is quite a mouth full for a title but it is important for creating a large and efficient environment. The current trend with texture mapping is to create 1 material per object. This allows you to do s...

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Unreal Blueprint Research
Unreal Blueprint Work I am starting to dig into blueprint. I do software development in Ruby and have done c++ and Java among other languages so programming doesn't worry me.  I am trying to wrap my head around 3D specific concerns such as vectors, rotators...
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