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The numbers here grow.
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Honestly so does the level of chatter :)
People are still hanging onto Facebook with surprising resilience
It's because of investment. How many people (like me) have hundreds of pictures uploaded over there. That and when you have multiple services a lot of people compartmentalize. Remember when MySpace came out? People started using that for social stuff and retained LiveJournal for bitching and moaning.
Ron so true! I really do like FB for the social aspect of it I am just so tired of the constant changes that sometimes make sense, most times don't.I haven't touch my space in ages since it really wasn't what I was looking for, and LJ was and is just what it is a blog space. Plus I think the fact that they opened it up helps too and it is not invite only anymore.
I think you can import your stuff here now, I was poking around in the settings and I think you can start attaching the two accounts. But I haven't looked into it yet fully.
There was a program I used (and have since forgotten the name of) that allowed me to import everything from FB and move it to G+. There are web apps out there, just have to do some research.