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Northwest Fan Fest
A three day event for all kinds of fandom.
A three day event for all kinds of fandom.

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Daniel Chai is the face of the Fictionals, someone we’ve had the pleasure of working with before, and someone with a deep and abiding presence in the Fan Community of Vancouver. He’s going to be performing at Northwest Fan Fest, and took the time to talk…

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Tessa Joyce Riecken is a freelance artist from Vancouver Island. She works primarily in storyboarding, posing, and character development. You can visit her website at to learn more, or come by Northwest Fan Fest to talk to her in person. We’d recommend the latter. 

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Spike and Mike’s Festival of Animation will be screening a special “Pop Culture” themed playlist at Northwest Fan Fest, surely for mature audiences only.   

Check out the screening on Friday May 29, 2015 9:00pm - 10:30pm in the Main Theatre! 

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All My Friends Are Dead: Season 2 - An SnK Q&A 

Ever wonder just how much time Captain Levi spends cleaning? What exactly does the Survey Corps do on their time off, when they aren't fighting Titans? The cast of Attack On Titan will be answering all of your questions and queries, in-character! Beware, however, for there will be spoilers!

Saturday May 30, 2015 11:30am - 1:00pm 

#anime   #attackontitan   #nwff2015   #shingekinokyojin  

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Artist Alley After Dark and Nerd Flea Market
This year, Northwest Fan Fest is pleased to offer an additional one-day shopping experiences for attendees and vendors. We will be offering a “Night Market” of sorts for each day of NWFF with a different theme.
Fan tables, Sponsors and Community Organizations – 6pm-12am
Come and check out the local cons, community organizations, fan organizations, fan groups, and other non-profits doing epic work in the name of geekdom.
If you are a community group or fan organization who would like to participate, please send an email to
 Artist Alley After Dark – 6pm-12am
After the main vendors close up for the day, the art doesn’t stop on Saturday! Saturday night sees us open the first NWFF Night Time Artist Alley!
This is a great opportunity for first time Artist Alley vendors, or artists who might be a little hesitant about coming out to NWFF for a full three-day commitment to give it a try at a very affordable cost. We will also be offering night tables to any artist who does not qualify for the primary AA so they will still get a chance to come out and show off their stuff.
 Nerd Flea Market – 6pm-12am
It might be Sunday but we aren’t done yet! Got some gently used but nerdish items that you might like to find a new home? Check out our Nerd Flea Market!
If you’ve got geeky stuff kicking around your house in good shape but taking up too much space, this is a perfect opportunity to re-home it. The Nerd Flea Market is a one night only garage sale/flea market setting where individuals can sell used items. It is not open to businesses or professional sellers of any kind. It’s also family-friendly, so no adult materials may be sold.
Swing by and see if anything catches your eye or would look good on your wall. you never know what kind of rare, epic or mint bargain you’ll find!

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Keegan Flick-Parker is one of the geniuses behind +West Coast Geeks versus Nerds, and the new Community Manager at the EXP Restaurant and Bar! He’s a big player in the #Vancouver   #Geek  Community, and he’s taken the time to talk about both the Fandom and how much he’s looking forward to Northwest Fan Fest.   

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Have you been considering volunteering for Northwest Fan Fest? Now is the time to sign up! 

Northwest Fan Fest is still seeking passionate and dedicated volunteers for all departments and many different positions from challenging to casual. There is something for every skill level! Come and join our team of awesome volunteers, have a great time, make new friends and contacts, get valuable experience, and earn yourself a discount on your attendance pass, and other benefits.

If you would like to join the team please fill out our volunteer form, and our HR will be in contact with you shortly. If you have questions, please contact

Deadline for application is May 7.  Volunteer orientation is May 9. 

#nwff2015   #volunteer   #vancouver   #newwestminster  

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Have you been considering volunteering at Northwest Fan Fest? Are you a tabletop GM? Now is the time! Sign up to run a game (or more) at Northwest Fan Fest!
We are still looking for GMs to run various tabletop roleplaying sessions at con. All games are welcome! Show off your favourite system, run a pre-made module or bring one of your own. Meet new players and show your stuff. Perks for GMs willing to run four hours or more of gaming content!
Time is running out to sign up if you want your game included in our con guide, so make sure you sign up today!
To sign up, fill out the GM sign up form.  If you have any questions, please email

#nwff   #tabletop   #rpgs   #vancouver   #newwestminster  

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+Living Myth Media are granting a plus nine buff to charisma for all of you vendors, performers and artists who are participating at Northwest Fan Fest. Why? Because you're awesome.

From now till showtime they will be running articles about Northwest Fan Fest on their magazine and we want to include yours! Yes, your story about how you came in to the fandom.

Follow the link to get in on the action! 

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Just a month away! 

Make sure to check out +Living Myth Media for some great content coming up!
Where were  you last year when the Vancouver Scene changed?  When Northwest Fan Fest brought all the fandoms to one place?  Geek flavored events took center stage across our city and we didn’t have to look very hard for them.  From the Gentlemen Hecklers…
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