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Does my performance on google mobile serps affect my ranking on regular google serps?

In other words, if the mobile version of my site is not optimized or has duplicate content, would that affect my ranking on non mobile serps?

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Hi guys!)
Want to share with you my article on app store optimization.
Hope it'll be interesting to read)

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There has been a wide range of discussions in the online community about the latest Google search engine algorithm update, which has been named as the Hummingbird update.

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Smartphone crawl errors in Webmaster Tools

I'm very excited to see this go live today: we've expanded the crawl errors feature in Webmaster Tools to highlight any smartphone-specific errors we've identified. These crawl errors are a major category of the common mistakes we see in smartphone-optimized sites. They hurt your site's user experience and can affect your site's ranking. Now Webmaster Tools helps you identify the problematic pages so you can fix things faster.


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Starting today, you can use the expanded Crawl Errors feature in Webmaster Tools to help identify pages on your sites that show these types of problems. We're introducing a new Smartphone errors tab where we share pages we've identified with errors only found with Googlebot for smartphones.

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Is This The Slide That Could Kill Responsive Design?

I'm sure +Bryson Meunier will agree with the article, above all the beginning

The Search Agency’s report today evaluating the mobile sites of multichannel retailers. It shows how much slower responsive sites load vs. dedicated mobile sites

Google and others have produced survey data that reflect consumers have little tolerance for slow-loading mobile web sites.

Some data from users:
- 72 percent of users said that mobile-friendly sites were important to them

- 74 percent of respondents said they’re more likely to revisit mobile-friendly sites

- A majority of users (67 percent) are more likely to buy or convert after a visit to a mobile-friendly site, while the opposite is also true of a non-mobile-friendly site: 61 percent say they’ll “move on”
55 percent said a frustrating experience on a (mobile) website would hurt the perception of the brand.

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