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Dean D
Dean is kicking back, putting his feet up, and planning his next written creation.
Dean is kicking back, putting his feet up, and planning his next written creation.

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A Quiet of Morning Tears

The silent dew of passion's death erupts
It falls upon the face of broken love
And splinters hope into shards
Of shattered disconsolate dreams
Refracted in tears light that falls upon the verge
Of a new day bereft, filled with cold ...

A Secret Passion

In dreams. The sleeper is sublime. Love and the lover are as the sea and the spray. Hearts. Bursting as wild summer Cherries.

In dreams. The waking is as the sun shining down through deeps of the sea. The light. Brightness of a lying seduction.

In dreams. The minds eye. A scion of beautiful truth. The dim mist of the dreamers mind a cowl, a ward to stem the daylight.

In dreams. Ghosts. Minions of feverish passions march. Vague ethereal hands grasping desire. The dreamer refuses the coming day.

By D A Deal

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                                               Valley Forge, February 11, 1778 Dearest Mama, I write to you this bitter cold night while on picket duty in winter
camp, near the Schuylkill river. I would be much knocked about were my
sergeant to know, yet ...

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How good do you ha have it?

#misery #hardtimes #poverty

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Memories of a Desperate Shore
San Francisco May 3rd, 1871 Dearest heart, You did not return to me. I am beside myself in worry. I have paced the shore and cliffs this day and more. No ship or light have I seen. No word or rumor have I heard. Why for do you tarry? When hither will you co...

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Really? I have to buy another upgrade iPhone? ;-)

#apple #iphone #gadget #upgradeenvy
Leaked iPhone 6 Specifications: Ultra-Retina 389ppi Display, 0.22-Inches Thick, 2.6GHz A8 Processor?
Sonny Dickson, a reputable  source of Apple leaks  in the past, has revealed some specifications for the iPhone 6. The specs were shared via a series of tweets on Twitter: ●  iPhone 6 will be 0.22 inches thick #JustSaying ●  Ultra-Retina screen will be 389 ...
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