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Rona Chen
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Rona Chen

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Hi! I had so much fun watching your videos! Glad that I chanced on your channel as I am starting to get worried on how it's gonna be for me going back to work in a couple days from now and I have yet to plan about getting ready for it. My baby is 3 months old and I am planning to exclusively breastfeed her up till her 6th month or even beyond that even while working.

Well, I must say that I totally learned a lot really from your videos!! It made me realize that everything will turn out just fine for as long as everything is organized. I have to start doing all these too, like pumping at work and have routines with my baby and spending time with husband and relaxation every single day! I thought that its kinda hard to do all this, so thank you so much for sharing these! You are one sweet loving momma and wife!

By the way, I am from the Philippines and my husband is a Taiwanese pastor. He will be home with our little one during the day while I'm at work so Ill be taking care of baby in the afternoon until evening while he goes to his Bible study and pastoral works. So, by watching your videos, I am just excited to our own daily routines. Gotta line them up now!

God bless your beautiful family!! 

Rona Chen

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Proven! Marami nang tumambling sa halakhak nang binasa nila itong kwentong ito.

Ikaw? Subukan mo din.
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Naalala ko lang kasi nung nasa Bicol pa kami ng aking mahal na pamilya nakatira. Baby o sanggol pa ang bunso namin noon. Yung tipong hindi magsusurvive kung wala syang gatas na iniinom. At siyempre pa...
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Rona Chen

commented on a video on YouTube.
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Kaloka feeling ko this was staged and acted out lng. The girl was telling her story out of the script. Look how she answered every questions. Parang nasa audition 

Rona Chen

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Pakitingnan naman kung jafeyk nga o totoo. Sabihin nyo sakin ah?
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Rona Chen

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Grab my freebies for social media icons for your blogs. ;) Don't forget to let me know when you grab!
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