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"Here's a thank you for playing, have a gift egg! We're sure you don't have one like this!" checks egg - Tornado Dragon

I have three of them from chests. FML.



If you hurry and update, there is a new building: Temple of Evolution. It allows dragons to progress past level 10. If you hurry, it appears that feeding level 10 is FREE. This may be a bug, but I have a level 12 air dragon now, and 10 -> 11 was free.

Doesn't look like that Pangolin Dragon is in my future :-( Guess it's time to go back to attempting for the standard rares.

Not sure I've seen it mentioned before, so a tip for everyone adding people for-game friendships: for those of us who use G+ for more than games, it would be helpful if you made it clear somewhere on your profile that you're a Dragons World player. You can do this by posting to the community, sharing your games with whatever circle you're adding us to (this is done in-game), or adding a public (or shared with circles or your Dragons World circle) blurb to your profile stating you play. I have random people adding me semi-regularly, so personally, I won't add you back if I can't identify where you're coming from/how we're connected. That's pretty much my only requirement, so if I see you play, I'll add you back.

Happy dragon-raising!

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Pretty sure that's a Desert dragon on the way! Tornado 10R (I think) 5B, Fire 15T. 19 hour breeding is 20 minus 5%, but we'll see for sure in a little under a day. This is only attempt number 20-30ish!

Random possibly helpful thought:  Tornado + Fire = lots of Phoenix and Lava dragons = lots of essence sources.  Still no luck on the combo breeding a Desert dragon, but it got me my third island.

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Woo Hoo!  My first rare!  I just won a Tornado Dragon from one of those floating chests!

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Anyone recognize these eggs?  I screencapped them from the Nursery icons, but I don't remember what they hatched into.  The green/yellow one is either a dandelion dragon or a butterfly dragon.  The other two I'm a bit more unsure of...neither contain magic, but I don't remember what they are.  The blue/purple I think might be a coral dragon, but I'm just plain lost on the other blue one.  It's possible it's an air dragon, and I'm pretty sure it's not a river dragon (those are more like the blue half of the blue/purple one if I recall).

I'm trying to add as many as I can to the Wiki on Wikia (  Also, if you have any screencaps of the nursery selected with eggs not on the Wiki, but are unsure about editing them, feel free to message me and send them my way.
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Famous authors' libraries. I was disappointed Neil Gaiman's didn't make it.
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