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I'm awesome.

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Some recent art
A business logo. I did about 3 of these for this company. Just finished this today, I'm really happy with it. Geo fox I love Disney villains  I love Kansas City Buckbeak! Did I mention that I love the Chiefs? I have a lot more that I could post, but this is...

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Successful weekend
Ben had a wonderful trip in Norway, and we had an excellent weekend here in Germany.   Saturday: YARDSALE. Ok, not that exciting, especially because we didn't sell very much. Everyone wants to do it online now, so I guess that's just what I'll do.  I did ha...

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Happy Friday!
Spent today like any other normal Friday.  Delilah had school and I ran errands.  Went to a Black Forest Clock store to look for a cuckoo clock for a friend's grandma.  Found one, I'll pick it up next week.  Sold some bows that I made, normal stuff.  Picked...

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Early Mother's Day surprise!
Ben and Delilah decided to surprise me with an early Mother’s Day gift (since he’ll be in Norway on actual Mother’s Day).  They kept it a big secret (Delilah is so good at secret keeping), and I still had no idea what was going on up until the last minute! ...

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First set of movers come TOMORROW!
I have been over it and over it in my mind, and I feel pretty prepared.  I still have that nagging thought that I'm forgetting something...but I will still have room in my own personal baggage as well as in our large shipment, so it's not like something wil...

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A few thoughts on this Saturday morning:
* Germany has been flip flopping weather like CRAZY, and that's resulted in both Delilah and I having TERRIBLE allergies.  Seriously, we are both just feeling so gross.  I can't wait for this to subside and for us to feel back to normal.  Ben manages to esc...

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Moving to America is exciting and stressful!
I think the title pretty much sums up how I'm feeling.  Next week, our first shipment of goods will be packed up and leave our home here to get to America.  Most of what I'm sending is baby things, some of Delilah's toys, and some necessities we'll need rig...

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A Military Family Event I didn't want to punch parents at...
So, usually when the military puts on events for families and kids, it turns into kind of a shit show.  There's a certain...air...about military families in which they don't always discipline/control/help their kids learn how to behave at events.  I'm not t...

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Appointment for the babies went wonderfully.  I have the best sonographer, and I'm so thankful for that.  All of my worries for their health were melted away when I got to see their healthy bodies..and we found out the genders! One little girl! One little b...

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I am both excited AND nervous about tomorrow.   Tomorrow, I have my 20 week (really 19 week) appt for the twins' ultrasound.  I'm excited because we have a chance to learn the genders, but I'm nervous too because twins!  I've just been praying every night, ...
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