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Daniel Upstone (Zeal Vurte)
In life I dream, in dreams I live.
In life I dream, in dreams I live.

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So I'm quite displeased with Google Fit and the combined wear experience so far.

First of all, Android Wear devices always had the Google Fit Wear app installed, and it has long been counting my steps and measuring my heart rate.

When the Android Wear app updated and I finally got the Android Wear 4.4W.2 update straight after, my entire steps history was wiped.

After I installed Google Fit, I opened the Android Wear app, and it also no longer had Google Fit selected for "Show me my heart rate" and "Show me my steps", so I reselected them. It was only then I noticed that it had wiped everything from before the day of the update.

My heart rate history still seems to be intact, but all of my steps history has vanished.

More annoyingly, I'm not even sure my watch is what is counting my steps anymore. I keep seeing the steps count jumping down at random times, assumedly to correct discrepancies when syncing the counts between the watch and the phone (which gets priority?).

Couple that with the return of the ugly large notifications in 4.4W.2 with attempted justification being that we can swipe them down now, I'm not pleased with Android Wear right now. :/

#GoogleFit   #AndroidWear  

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I completely failed at writing this bug report, as I always do, but it needed to be done. Yet another issue on the big backlog of font issues in Chrome. :(

#Google   #Chrome   #Webkit   #Blink   #CSS   #Fonts   #Bugs  

I've been putting off writing this #Ingress  post for a long time now, but feel I must in an attempt release these thoughts should I find they're no longer mine.

I've become increasingly apathetic towards the " #Enlightened " since #TimeZero ; since my interaction with the #ShaperGlyphs . I feel I'm now misaligned with the cause.

I still believe in the benefits of XM and embracing XM technology, and that the #Shaper  influence on Humanity has and still is a positive one that helped and continues to help us advance; however, I disagree with the willingness to accept the Shapers without question and to loose oneself to their control completely.

Don't get me wrong, I'm in no way aligning myself with the radical and close-minded ideals of the #Resistance  or their cause, but that so many accept the Shapers as benevolent overseers, without considering their motives and think them beyond reproach disturbs me, especially in the flip-flop alignment of #Klue  and others. None of this seems right, and I'm beginning to ask myself more questions about what I'm doing and why.

More must be known about the Shapers and what drives them to aid us. Do they have some grand design? Does it benefit us or them? If we're to accept them, it needs to be on terms we understand, lest they take us down a destructive path. Perhaps I need to research more of the works of those #TruthSeekers  who have asked similar questions before me.

With that said, I wonder if there is cause for a movement (or does one already exist?) within the Enlightened to change this, or perhaps a breakaway faction if the Enlightened is to continue down this path without considering the potential consequences? But what would such a faction entail I wonder. Would they still be driven to control portals, anomalies and XM as both existing factions do, or would they simply embrace the usage regardless of control? How would they interact with and view the existing factions?

So many questions... so many truths.

+Ingress +Niantic Project 

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As it's not been posted here yet, here's another #GlyphHunt  hint from the UK, in my case Surrey, but found elsewhere too by +Paul Brocklehurst.

Another hint for the UK (and some of Europe apparently) is "Association Football's British relative".

And the last posted by +Sam Albuquerque is "Paul Margetts", found in London.

Putting these altogether points at the portal being Life Saved (,-1.265531&z=16). This is a sculpture by Paul Margetts, in Rugby, and depicts a firefighter saving a child's life. For more information on the portal visit

We now just need someone to go claim the Glyph.

I was just doing some performance testing in my #javascript  module framework and I ran into something I didn't expect (in #Chrome  at least).

If you append a script to load at the domComplete stage (readystatechange event + document.readyState == complete), the proceeding load event will never fire, ever. Yes it should delay it, but not prevent afaik. This behaviour doesn't occur when doing the same steps on other event stages e.g. domInteractive and domContentLoaded.

The only reason I noticed this is because Chrome's developer tools' network tab expects the load event in order to display its various metrics in the summary, and as a result it's missing the time based ones entirely.

Any explanations? Did I do something stupid? :S

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