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Sharp has you covered in 2014 for Big LED TVs!
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The Panasonic TC-P55ST60 is our top recommended plasma TV.
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Thanks for this +The Rusty Ball. I've added everyone and looking forward to seeing some content.
The Rusty Ball Shared Circle of Commenter’s Edition #3 

This is a grouping focusing on those people that have commented on my post during the prior week. It also includes key circle resharers and those that have reshared circles this week..  Since these folks were engaging with me in the prior week, adding this group will give you a nice group of currently active commenter’s. It is a group of people that like to engage on Google Plus.

When people leave meaning comments you can get to know them better. This is my favorite type of engager.

Add it and engage with the circle and you’re likely to find engagement on your G+ post rise. The higher your engagement, the more G+ will show your post in your extended circles.

How to be included In Rusty’s Balls 

If you’d like to be included in future engagement circles, go to my profile and hopefully you will find something there that you can plus, comment and reshare. I favor those that also engage with non-shared circle post. I sample certain post  each week, usually on Saturday to find those that engage. I do not include all of my post so engage often if you wish to be included. Also,

1. Plus this post. (Original post)
2. Comment on this post.
3. Reshare this circle publically to your stream.
4. Don’t be a blue head. 

I am often a day or two behind in notifications but I do try to respond to everything. Sometimes I miss things so if it is important, say it again. 

How to Be Removed from my Shared Circles

As with all of my circles, if you find yourself included and don’t wish to be in future circles, let me know and I’ll make sure you don’t show up in another one. This will likely require me to block you as it is the only way I can be 100 percent sure you don’t appear again.

Or you can just not plus, comment or reshare any of my circles and that will likely you get removed soon.

Sometimes people tell me they have not engaged with me. A lot of my content gets reshared and if you engage with that reshare, you will might be included through that.

Maximize Your Experience in Shared Circles

Do you need help with your profile? Please read this:

If you feel you should have been included but were not, please tell me. A PM would probably be the best way.

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+Jack Burden Reviewed the LG 60PN6500 Plasma TV and gave it a pretty good score. The value of this TV is through the roof!
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This is the same still from the +Sports Illustrated Swimsuit Edition 3D Blu-ray on a range of 2013 #plasma and #LED TVs. The slight differences are amazing. Which do you like the best?

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Photos are very important in my TV reviews. This is on the Samsung F8000 series. Blu-rays look simply amazing on this LED TV. (5Th Element is one of my favorite movies by the way!):

Hello everyone! This seems like such a great community. I am totally a TV geek. I review new LED and Plasma TVs for and Looking forward to sharing info with you all.

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Anybody else played with Android on the new Google TVs yet? I'd love to hear how it went.
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