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It's a Double Graduation!!!!
Way To Go Jacob and Paige!!!! This girl.... And this guy.... Did it! They are Graduates!!! Of this University!!!! Enjoy the photos! Photo Bombing at it's best! Down Elevator :) Her building... His Building... The Siblings! (We Missed you Parker, Carolyn & K...

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My Christmas Gift For You
Christmas - 2015 At this special time of year,
families throughout the Christian world gather to celebrate Christmas. A
celebration of joy, peace, and love. A celebration full of tradtion.          What have been some of your favorite
Christmas traditions, ...

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Check this Christmas post out!

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I love beautiful stories that share what Christmas is about.... The Christmas Coat I love the lights on Temple Square... I love that Paige & Jacob braved the cold with me to see the lights! And that Jacob stopped by for a visit a few weeks later to see our ...

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OK...I need your help
So, I will be teaching Sunday School again next week.  The book of James. I was wondering if any of you would be able to give me your thoughts on any of the topics in James? Do you have any experiences that have touched you in regards to these principles? I...

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Sunday Lessons
Sometimes when I prepare my Sunday School lesson, I am overwhelmed by the spirit and the power of the scriptures. Today's lesson preparation was one of those times. I am posting my lesson outline below, feel free to read, study and feel the spirit in your o...

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It's GPops Birthday!!! 96!!!!!!!!!!!
WOWZA! 96 is a LONG time to live!  But Grandpa Moffat does it well! Uncle Richard and Aunt Amy hosted a dinner at their home in Midway, Utah. We really enjoyed visiting with Uncle Craig and Aunt Cathy. Uncle Randy popped in to say 'hello' as well. Grandpa t...

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He's 25!!!! Happy Birthday, Sam!!!!!
So, Samuel Elliot is 25 years old today!!!!   He has the good fortune of living close enough to us to come up for a birthday dinner.  We included GPops at our birthday dinner because his birthday is Friday and hey, why not invite GMa as well?!. Here are pho...

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Happy Birthday, Daddy-O!
That's right, my Dad would have been 92 years old today!  He loved music, but more importantly he loved the Lord and his family deeply. As all good fathers do. For a long time, he did not want his children to learn musical instruments for fear they would en...

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Yellowstone. Check! One less thing on my bucket list...
Here I am ... with a herd of buffalo! Oh, yeah...Old Faithful! This is not a description of me. My awesome Yellowstone tour guide! And... There... She... Blows!!!! That's really hot water from a geyser flowing into a very cold river. There were so many colo...
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