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Please adjust your dial accordingly
... Flower Scout has shifted its position in the internet universe. You can find me now, dressed a little nicer for work, at . Please let me know what you think! lotsa love, C

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Araucana Blue
My more finicky ladies finally started laying last week. Look at this perfect egg! If only I could put eggs in my flower arrangements... no, that's gross. But they do look really lovely on my kitchen table.

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Little Flower Skool
Last week I drove out to Esperance, NY, to the end of the world...
ahem, to World's End Farm. And I did a bit of schlepping buckets and a
bit of hauling wine, and a ton of talking to fascinating ladies from all
over the world about flowers and flowerbizn...

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This is going to be a really good week. Look how it started: In case it's not apparent to you, this is a fake wedding. A Scandinavian-folk-geometry inspired unreal wedding. Look for real professional photos to emerge in the next month or so. Lessons learned...

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I live in a good city, where things like this happen.  image from the luxlazarus instagram And where I can contribute to them, like this: (and by dancing) And where my best friend gets out in his weirdness and plays the most beautiful set ever,  with my mos...

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Well that was good.
If you missed the Fort Orange flower crown workshop, well then you missed out. I'm sorry, but it was really really nice. At the end of the night, I drove away literally thanking the Universe out loud . I was very hopped up on happy. Here are some pics. Some...

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Upcoming // Incoming
I haven't mentioned here yet that I'll be teaching a flower crown-making workshop at my friend's shop next Thursday. As of right now, there are two spots left! Fort Orange General Store , a haven in this pretty little city of Albany, has been so refreshing ...

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Road trips are a break from lots of things: work, one's own bed, food options that aren't packaged in plasticky foil, comfortable and controllable air temperatures, alone time, distractions, any other pairs of pants besides the most comfortable pair of pant...

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Dog Days
Pup + sea of buckwheat Fern is a puppy. All she wants to do is bite your hands. She'll shred a piece of kale, if you throw it at her, but then she wants to bite your hands again.  And you want to let her. Because it's summer, and you're sitting in the grass...

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"Strangely enough, you could smell violets, or if violets were impossible in July, they must grow something very pungent on the mainland then. The mainland, not so very far off--you could see clefts in the cliffs, white cottages, smoke going up--wore an ext...
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