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The Modern Love Letter?
I have many books stacked on my bedside table. There is my primary read,
which gets its own spot beside the stack and is usually a novel. In the pile
next to it I have a collection of writing that I will come back to over and
over again. The content of this...

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Big and Little
I have made a commitment. To myself. To write something every day that muses on a "big" life theme or philosophy and alternate that with an observation on a "little" thing that made me smile or a great story I heard from someone else. So today I am starting...

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Beyond the Tennis Courts
It appears that I may be threading my daily jogs into my blog, but today I
am actually going to speak to them directly and of course metaphorically. I take the same route every time. Ok I switched it up once, but barely. I am
not sure why I decided to make ...

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Yoga Pants and the Quest for Eternal Youth
This morning's Lou Lou Magazine e-blast was titled: " Style gangs! Street looks to lust after ". Curious, I opened it up and decided to flip through the montage of photos and ideas related to the "street"; all the while forcing myself to remember that I am ...

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PhDs and the Collective Unconscious
"Big" Blog #2: A few nights ago, I was having a heated debate with my friend on the value of the PhD both as a reflection of intelligence versus "street smarts" of the individual who holds such a degree, the practicality of the pursuit with respect to emplo...

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The old man in the road
This is my "Little" Post #1: Yesterday I was driving across town for a meeting and although I was not late, I suppose I was driving a wee bit over the speed limit. As I was coming around a corner, I could see this old man, and I say old man because he had l...

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Staring at a Blank Canvas
After 15 years of saying I am going to paint and 7 years after those ideas have been hibernating in some part of my brain (right side I would guess), I decided to buckle down. I found a gift certificate for Gwartzman's Art Supplies that had been stuffed in ...

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Hot water is a luxury
"Little" Post #2: So it's really hot out today and maybe it is odd to be thinking about hot
water. But it is one of those little things that we take for granted since most of
us no longer have to go and fetch the water, carry the heavy load back and wait

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Dance, dance, dance, dance
I have a feeling that I am blending my lighter aka "little things" posts and my deeper philosophical rants rather than my initial goal of alternating them each day, but I guess that's what flexibility and letting go is all about, and in this case, what danc...

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Parenting with a Teenage Brain
Maybe it's the crazy weather. Maybe it's the fact that my "vacation" from the kids is coming to an end. And I miss them dearly! Maybe it's that I am tired of having conversations with myself - like I am doing right now in writing this blog. But I am just in...
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