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No fee stock photography resource. This project provides photos of Baltimore City to individuals and corporations for free. 

If you would like to contribute, contact Hank Mitchell at

My goal is to provide local businesses a resource where they can find high quality images for use in their advertising and other promotional materials without worrying about expensive licensing rights and other restrictions. All the photos here are free to use for most purposes, including for-profit or commercial purposes.

If you decide to contribute to the collection, realize that your contribution will be expected to be used as such. You will still have a copyright on your images, but you must allow their use for any private or commercial use.

Contributors may find that the promotional value of donating their work to this collection could lead new opportunities.

If you are ready to contribute, you must agree to the following:

1. Your photos will be freely distributed with no expectation of payment.
2. You will retain your copyright on your photos, but you must grant a licencse to anyone to use your photos in exchange for credit only.
3. You agree not to sue people or do other mean things that go against the spirit of this project.

If you have been given a password, you may continue to the upload section: