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LOL sexism in beer
I've tried to resist devoting any more of my time to writing
about sexism in beer, partly because I don’t believe it is going to change any
minds and partly because I'm bored of the subject. However, there have been some unpleasant and disturbing opinions a...

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The Sciencing of Beer in a Post-Fact Society
Same but Different   The recent release of Cloudwater’s double IPA v4 and v5
raised some interesting points which go beyond arguing over which is the best DIPA in the UK. I’m not reviewing these beers here because what I am actually more interested in is th...

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A Beautiful Cloudiness
  Our server deposits a flight of beers on our table:
a bespoke wooden tray holding a number of small glasses filled with varying degrees
o f amber. I lean forwards in my seat, ever hopeful, lifting the
first glass to my nose. I take a long sniff, followed ...

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The Best Double IPA in the UK
April has seen us drowning in double IPA. If you enjoy this
style of strong, super hopped IPA then you’ve been spoiled for choice in the
past few weeks. I’ve seen and heard a lot of beer nerds talking about which of them
is 'the best DIPA'. Of course this i...

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We Brought Homebrew: IPA edition
We're pleased to announce that we're going to run linked sessions for February and March at the We Brought Beer Homebrew Club . The February session will be on the critical appreciation of beer (we have special guest, Chris Hall joining us) and the March se...

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How sad and lonely does your life have to be, when you drink two beers alone on the train?
Two recent train/platform beer experiences There is a lot of judgment handed out to people who choose to drink beer on trains. It seems likely it is in the same ballpark as the pastime of judging people who drink in pubs as being socially inferior. I don't ...

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Golden Pints 2015
Although Crema is a single entity and is usually broadly in agreement on beer-related matters for this post we
wrote our own answers. But as you might expect there was a great deal of
overlap in
our responses.   Disclaimers: We run the homebrew club ...

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Crema's US Beer Odyssey Autumn 2015
It's been three years since we last visited the US. This time round we put some serious thought into planning out our trip. Three weeks sounds like quite a long time but I can assure you that it is insufficient for visiting all the breweries you are interes...

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We Brought Homebrew
It’s been a little while since we posted anything on the
blog. That’s because we were busy planning our three week US beer odyssey (of
which, more later) and when we returned from our trip we had some physical and mental
recovering to do. The other thing we...

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Here at the end of all things
The Bermondsey Beer Mile (BBM) means different things to different people. For serious beer geeks it was a precious little haven which some of them feel is now being ruined by what they refer to as 'hipsters' (in reality, if it is being ruined by anyone or ...
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