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Some people have been asking about +Ptah Dunbar, a WordPress core contributor and an organizer of WordCamp Miami and local WordPress meetups. He's also a good friend of mine who resides in South Florida (he's in Miami, and i'm in Ft. Lauderdale). After speaking with a family member just now I have some news I can pass along:

Ptah, on a motorcycle, was involved in a head-on collision in Miami on Wednesday. He went through the front window of a taxi i'm told. Without a helmet. He was pronounced dead on the scene, but was able to be brought back. He was just able within the last 24 hours to be able to speak and move a little bit. As for now, he's conscious and able to speak. He is "already cracking jokes".

He's currently at a trama center at Jackson Memorial Hospital in Miami, Florida.

He is able to take visitors, so I'm planning on seeing him shortly. I have relayed the best wishes of the WordPress community through his family to him.

If you would like to leave a message for him, I think here is a good place to do it for the moment. I'll try to answer any questions I can, since i'll be speaking with his family soon again.

Many thanks.
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WTF? I was just hanging with him at the Happiness Bar last weekend. God bless him and his family! Be you brother, we'll see you soon!
wow, amazing story, I don't know him personally, but know of him. I wish him and his fam the best and a speedy recovery.
When I read "He was pronounced dead on the scene", it felt like my stomach fell out from under me. I'm SO glad to see that he's alive and well (as can be expected).

Ptah, I wish you the best, and a speedy recovery!
Thanks for the update David.

Will definitely be thinking about you Ptah, hope you recover soon!
It's quite apparent the WP gods are looking out for Ptah - and I'll be sending positive vibes from the Windy City.
Praying for a speedy recovery. Please let us know if there's anything else we can do for Ptah.
Praying for Ptah and his family. Hoping for a speedy recovery!
Hoping he gets better soon. Such a smart and nice guy.
Praying for Ptah and his family. Would love to know where we can send flowers and cards.
TJ List
Wow. I am SO glad this news didn't turn more tragic! I had fun sharing a hotel room with Ptah and trading motorcycle stories at WordCamp San Francisco.

Get better soon, my friend! And PLEASE wear a helmet next time!
Thank you for the update, David - please do keep us posted on Ptah's condition, and if there is anything any of us can do.
I am totally without words. We just hung out in SF together last week. +Ptah Dunbar I'm glad you're alive so that I can kill you for not wearing a helmet. I say this because you are "already cracking jokes" and I know you can imagine me saying this in my typical John voice that you've come to know so well.

In all seriousness, please get well soon. Thinking of you buddy.
I just met Ptah in person this past weekend. He's such a great guy! I'm relieved to hear that he's on the path to recovery. Best wishes, Ptah! We're all thinking of you.
Wishing for a quick recovery for you, Ptah - I've never forgotten "being Ptah" in the great traveling nametag fiasco of WordCamp Chicago in 2010 ;-) Get well soon!
Ptah, when I read this news my heart stopped. I was just chilling with you on Sunday at WCSF. You and your family are in my thoughts, please, echoing Tammy Hart above, where can we send flowers and cards? I wish for a speedy recovery.
Wow, hang in there. Thoughts and prayers for a speedy recovery.
This is absolutely crazy- thankfully he is doing better. Hard to think that just last week we were goofing around and playing shuffleboard. Give him and his family my best.
David, let him know that I'm praying for him. I had the same feeling as Nathan when I read this - glad he's okay! Let us know where we can send cards please.
Get well soon, Ptah! Hoping for a speedy recovery.
Best wishes and to a speedy recovery, Ptah. We gotta chill in Philly in a few months.
Just said a prayer for Ptah (and his family)! Lots of support from the WP community.
Thanks so much for keeping everyone up to date. We're thinking of you, Ptah. Glad you're on your way to getting better. Wish you well, man.
Best wishes. My thoughts are with him and his family.
+Ptah Dunbar — To a full recovery, to competent medical care, and to the mega badass points you get for surviving that (slightly offset by the "tsk tsk" points you lose for not wearing a helmet). Get well, my Arabian prince (tell him that, he'll know what it means!)
Wow. I don't think we managed to meet formally at #wcsf, but all of us in the WordPress community would feel it if we lost you, Ptah. Hope you are back to coding soon.
I will definitely be praying for a quick recovery.
+Ptah Dunbar - I'm hoping for a full, complete, and quick recovery. I also echo JJJ's words. Stay in the good spirits that we all know you for being in.
Big Zen hugs to Ptah! Thanks for letting us know, David.
I met Ptah at WordCamp Raleigh 2010. Enjoyed chatting with him. So sorry to hear this. Here's to a full and as quick as possible recovery!
Miracles happen, this just proves it. Hold in there man I hope to see you at the next conference I make it to! Plus that, I think you owe me a beer. Best wishes, Ptah.

Thanks David for letting us know.
Get well, +Ptah Dunbar. It was great meeting and getting to know you at WCSF and I hope we'll see each other again soon.
We're wishing you the best from here in Austin. It sounds like the recovery is going very well. Here's to a full & speedy recovery.
Wishing you a full & speedy recovery Ptah
Wow. Just having seed +Ptah Dunbar in SF is a good reminder that this can happen so quick... and that cage drivers simply don't see bikes... thanks for the update David
Wow, that's an incredible story. Ptah, glad you're recovering! We're thinking about you in Austin and look forward to seeing you here again soon, fit as a fiddle! :) Good luck to you, we're pulling for you!
zomgwtf +Ptah Dunbar! Like +Nathan Rice, my stomach dropped out when I read "pronounced dead on scene".

+Ptah Dunbar I've been very much looking forward to some serious co-working with you in these months to come, so please recover pronto, k? Glad to hear you're cracking jokes already. At least we know your sense of humor isn't busted :)
Get well +Ptah Dunbar! Met you at a Savannah WordCamp, praying you recover soon and to meet you again!
Very scary to read this, but glad it's not worse than it is. Ptah has always seemed like a great guy. Get better soon, buddy.
We are praying for your recovery Ptah!
I'm just trying not to cry. :( I want to hug him again.
Wow... He was just hanging out with us here in Oklahoma not that long ago. When +Matt Danner shared the news, I couldn't help but think it was a sick joke. I'm sad that it's not a joke but so extremely happy that the story took a positive turn after the "pronounced dead a the scene" part.

Take care of yourself +Ptah Dunbar and get better soon.

Thanks for keeping all of us in the loop David.
hopes and wishes for a speedy recovery!
Crazy how quickly life can change. Here's wishing for a full and speedy recovery!
Wow. I'm stunned. The entire rocketgenius team is thinking of you. Get well Ptah!
+Ptah Dunbar omg! Dude, I just saw you Saturday at the Dreamhost party and again at the Sunday BBQ lunch at Wordcamp. I will be hoping and praying for you to make a speedy and complete recovery. Chatting this out with +Tammy Hart sure makes me feel better :/
ugh, I'm getting all these comments in my email now and it keeps reminding me. I'm just sick with sadness. We are praying for you +Ptah Dunbar Much love, Tammy and Chris
Ptah: we hung briefly at two WordCamps so far and I'm looking forward to hanging out at the next one -- here's to a speedy recovery :)
Sending so many good vibes to you, Ptah! Drink out of that WP mug I grabbed you last weekend while you work on a speedy recovery, okay? :) I've had two awesome WordCamps with you so far, and I expect to hang out with you at many more!
Man, +Ptah Dunbar we are all wishing you the best for a quick and full recovery. Hang in there!
Was only lucky enough to work with Ptah for a few weeks, but he always struck me as the kind of guy that could handle anything life threw at him. Wishing you a speedy recovery mate.
Get well soon Ptah! I really hope to see you soon buddy
Dude, +Ptah Dunbar don't freak us all out like that. I'm so glad that you're OK and that it sounds like you'll be pulling through. Hoping for a speedy recovery and to catch up with you again soon. Glad we got to hang out a bit at WCSF, but things like this really make you appreciate how quickly it can all change. I know with your verve (yeah, that's right, I used the word verve in a sentence) you'll be back in action in no time... hopefully with a helmet on, or even better, a whole car wrapped around you.
Was just thinking of you the other day for no reason at all. I met you briefly at WordCamp Chicago back in 2010 around the same time Menus had been added to core. I checked your Twitter to see you were recently pronounced dead!? Motorcycles are dangerous bro! Wear a helmet next time for god's (and your own) sake! Best wishes.
Speedy recovery and get well soon!
Had a great time meeting you at WCSF, +Ptah Dunbar . Glad we'll be able to chat again! I second +Beau Lebens' hopes regarding helmets and cars but want to clarify that the car wrapping should be intentional in the future.

Get well soon!
I'm thinking of you Ptah. I'm so glad your already awake and talking. Get better soon!
Sending good thoughts for a quick and full recovery.
hey there Ptah, so glad to hear you're alive on the other end of that craziness... best wishes and hope you have a smooth recovery there. Hey, thanks for your WP/BP contributions, too. (: Oh yeah, +1 on the helmet thing. :D
Oh my gosh! Praying for a speedy and full recovery, Ptah!

And I'm sure I'm not the first to ask, but why the hell weren't you wearing a helmet, dude? I know that Lorelle suffered a traumatic brain injury as a child from a hit-and-run. And my wife and I have a son who suffered a TBI, so we know first hand that it's not to taken lightly. 
PS: I hope the others in the collision are recovering as well.
Forgot to say this in my first message, but you better recover soon if you're going to make your all 7 continents by 2014 goal! Including teaching those penguins in Antarctica how to code! ;)
Wow... just got to my feeds today and read this on devpress. Thoughts with him to quick recovery.
Oh my God... just had dinner with Ptah at WCSF. I hope you recover soon man! Sorry to hear the news!
Tell Ptah when you see him that the entire DevPress team is hoping he recovers quickly.
Whoa, reading that was scary as Hell! Way to come back to life! That's pretty awesome. I'm happy you're still here, I just met ya this past weekend and it was a killer time. I'm looking forward to more WP times and beyond, so get well buddy and wear a helmet next time!
wow that's just plain scary. as a biker and member of the wp community my heart goes out to Ptah and his family. get better soon dude. we all need your positive energy (and your contributions). take it slow, but get better soon!
Wow. Ptah - so glad to hear that you're still with us. You're in our thoughts buddy.
Just heard the news and am shocked. Please let Ptah know that my best wishes are with him and that I really hope he is ok and will be on the mend soon.
My heart just stopped hearing about this. Ptah, you've scared us all! So glad to hear that you're alive and making progress. Look forward to seeing you at a WordCamp sooner than later.
UPDATE: Good news people. +Ptah Dunbar a few hours ago has been moved from ICU to a "regular" room at the Trama Center. He almost able to stand, but he's very "weak and delicate". He apparently can't see out of one eye. Pain in his chest has "diminished", and he's able to talk more... overall, this is good news.

I have been told he's anxious to get back to work! :) I'm seeing him personally tomorrow as soon as visiting hours allow and planning on showing him (among other things) this page of your comments. Keep your thoughts coming and i'll keep all updated.
Wow, that's an amazing update already -- fantastic to hear. Here's to hoping the rest of his recovery goes quickly as well.
Great news. Thanks for the update David! Big Daddyo Ptah, keep strong brother!
Good to hear. Let him know I owe him a drink at the next WordCamp :)
Thanks for the update :) Awesome news.
Thanks a ton for the update! I'm really glad to hear that he's improving.
Oh Thank God! Don't worry too much about work there +Ptah Dunbar, remember you work for people, specifically rational human beings who are understanding and sympathetic enough that they DON'T want you working on anything at the moment (or, if that's not true, I think it's time to fire them) :)

Hope to talk to you soon brother-man!
Get Better!!! you're in my thoughts.
Glad to hear Ptah is doing better. Get well dude!
Holy shit. And then thank goodness! Hope you make a full recovery Ptah! And thank you David for sharing this.
+Ptah Dunbar Here's to you, your family, and those you love and love you. Speedy recovery and much power to you, sir!
Great news, +Ptah Dunbar, I'm SOOO glad you're doing better. Still keeping you and your family in my thoughts!
That's excellent news. Yay Ptah! You're gonna have quite the recovery story to tell my friend. :)
Thanks for the update, David! So thrilled to hear how fast Ptah is improving!
So good to hear he is already improving. Thank you very much for the update.
Thanks so much for keeping us up to date David! I almost pooped myself when I saw that he had been pronounced dead on the scene. Terrific to hear that he is up and talking again!
All the best wishes and good to know the news.
Best wishes for a speedy recovery Ptah! Can't believe we were just chatting over dinner in SF around this time last week, and now you're in the hospital. Very glad to hear you're on the mend.
Get better, Ptah, so you can come back to Canada again!
Hope you recover quickly Ptah! Good luck.
Having met Ptah at wcphx, I'm glad to hear that he is recovering and cracking jokes already. Please continue to kick ass and I'll hope to see you again in Miami. 
Hang in there. We'll be praying for you.
Good luck with the recovery Ptah - and to everyone else who rides a bike or motorcycle, please buy a f+ckin' helmet :)
Holy shit we were drinking together at SF, I hope you have a speedy recovery and maybe everyone can chip in and buy him a huge helmet with a big WP logo on it. Maybe he would wear that!
What's the latest news? Did you make it in for a visit yet?
Wow, I too just met Ptah for the first time (and was drinking beers with him) less than a week ago at WCSF. After seeing his name around the WP community for so long I was excited to meet him and find he was exactly the friendly, high energy kind of guy I expected. Ptah, wishing you a continued speedy and miraculous recovery!
Just came back from seeing +Ptah Dunbar at the hospital.

First off, he doesn't remember anything that happened that night. One minute on the road, next minute waking up in the hospital. Apparently he not only went through the window of the taxi but also came OUT another window (all this while the Taxi was moving mind you). The fact that he's talking to me now is amazing given that description alone. I didn't take pictures because we all know Ptah wants to preserve his stunningly good looks on the Internet, but honestly by looking at him - at least his face - you wouldn't have known he was in that kind of an accident. Some decent scratches, marks, and bruises. He was even able to stand pretty well on his own. The down side is that he can't see out of one eye at all. From what I could gather, they are expecting that to heal naturally. He had broken bones in his face (around his eyes) but there was no need for surgery (thank goodness) and they are allowing them to set and heal on their own.

Interesting and a little funny: doctor came in on us in his room and asked if she could take a picture of his ear. He asked why, and she said "oh you had plastic surgery done". The look on Ptah's face was priceless (he asked "this is still my ear?" and the doctor laughed a little) probably never thought he would have had plastic surgery done, especially on his ear.

I showed him a print-out of this Google+ post with the pages of comments and he was speechless. I read a few choice comments and left the print-out and he gave some good laughs. Left him a couple of O'Reily books (geek power) and some food I snuck in because he said he couldn't handle hospital food anymore.

I did kindly slap him for the lack of helmet for those that noticed that detail of the story. That as they say is that.

Anyways, the good news is that he might be coming home in as soon as a couple of days. I couldn't believe that soon either. Between - uh, not dying - and not breaking every bone in his body (he broke some, but I guess broke them in the best way you could) he certainly is one fortunate guy.

I think balloons from Automattic were there.

Some people have been asking about his financial situation now with this accident, and long story short he still may be covered by a previous employer. I've asked the family to contact me if it's discovered otherwise, because alot of people wanted to help and donate. If the word comes down, we already have people in place to help organize that.

The WordPress community (and the local Miami tech community) support has been outstanding. I'm honored to be a part of both communities and it's comforting to see such positive energy come from such a horrible incident. He sincerely appreciates the get well notes here and what i saved on Twitter.
I think he knows this, but it should be said out loud - we all love him and are glad he's going to be okay. :)
His recovery should come as no surprise as Ptah is Powered by WordPress. Love you man!
That is nothing short of AMAZING! So glad is is already on the mend. It's probably a good thing that he doesn't remember the accident.

If you're reading this... get well Ptah. Hope to see you again soon.
So glad he's doing that well. Such a relief.
Let the WP-force be with him. Glad to hear Ptah's doing better and better <3!!
Heard it today. Good to hear he is okay now. Get well soon!
Thanks for the update David - glad to hear that he's doing so well, considering everything he's been through.

Ptah...take it easy, get lots of rest, and don't worry about anything - you've got a lot of friends who have got things covered. ;)
Glad to hear the update. Going through a taxi and surviving, what a crazy story to tell! Get well soon!
I was shocked when I heard the news, but I'm glad to hear he's doing much better. Get well soon Ptah! We're all think about you. You're in my prayers.
I'm so glad he's doing so much better. We're all wishing the best for you, Ptah! :)
Dude, +Ptah Dunbar, we met at WordCamp Miami this year and had a good talk. I'm really glad to hear that you're okay. I hope you have a smooth recovery!
OMG, I just saw Ptah at WordCamp SF and just discussed motorcycles with him and others like TJ LIst; this news is awful, especially after he should us pictures of his bike he was so proud of. Thank goodness he is all right, can't imagine how awful it would have been taken at such a young age.

Anyway, can't wait for him to recover so that I and the rest of the motorcyclists that know him can lynch him for not wearing a helmet! :-)
I want to thank each and every one of you for your well wishes and prayers for my nephew +Ptah Dunbar. Yes, He was not wearing a helmet but God blessed him and kept him here with us among the living. I spoke to his mother +Deborah Dunbar today and she said he is in great spirits. Even though they don't yet know the severity of all his injuries the one that concerns them the most right now is the sight in one of his eyes. Ptah will be under observation for the next few days and won't be released until they know he is strong enough. Please continue to lift him up with your thoughts and prayers. I thank you again.
is hoping Ptah Dunbar get well soon. So glad he's doing so much better
Wow! Glad to learn that we will be able to meet again Ptah. In Montreal next year maybe? We have some unfinished business, a lot of chinese restaurants left to try ;)
Glad to hear he is doing well and the Lord has definitely blessed him!
I'm so glad to hear that +Ptah Dunbar is doing so much better than could possibly be expected! :-) Continued prayers for a quick recovery...
I was shaking when I read this the other night. Ptah, so glad you have another shot at life. Hang tough, buddy.
Ptah, we hope you get better soon. You've been in our prayers.
That's great news +David Bisset, thanks for the update. Made my birthday weekend that much better.
Thanks for the update, David! That's very encouraging.
UPDATE: This update comes from +Jeff Brathwaite, who is +Ptah Dunbar cousin I believe. He did post this yesterday but i'm repeating it here so it's not missed:

Here is an update on +Ptah Dunbar He is being release today from the hospital. He is now strong enough to go home but is still going to have many challenges to come. Unfortunately he is still without sight in his left eye. He will have to see an eye specialist who will be pretty costly and without having insurance is going to be very hard on his mother +Deborah Dunbar and the rest of the family. So I ask that if you would please put the word out to the Wordpress community that Ptah is still in need of their thoughts and prayers as he now look to recover at home. Thanks again.
UPDATE: I also want to point out that we are working on setting up a fund to help with financial costs, and you'll hear about this very soon.
Thanks for the update, David - much appreciated. +Ptah Dunbar we're thinking about you -- great to hear that the hospital sprung you! Stay strong!
F*** ?
As a Wordpress code wannabe, have engaged in short ideas exchanges with +Ptah Dunbar at Having known that he was born again leaves me nothing but relieved.
Dude, wear a helmet next time ! Wishing you all the well from Argentina
All my best wishes and hope fwom Fwance. Let's hope for quick full recovery!
Wow. Just wow. Best wishes, and I hope for a good recovery!
Good to hear that +Ptah Dunbar is doing better! We are thinking of you and hope everything goes well with your recovery.
UPDATE: If you would like to donate to help +Ptah Dunbar please visit A number of WordPress people helped put this together, so please check this out.
Holy smokes. Thanks Dre for the link. I didn't have the chance to meet +Ptah Dunbar at WCSF but am glad to hear a fellow community member is OK after having being part of such a horrific accident.
+Ptah Dunbar We met at WCMSP last year, when you lost your real shoes at the bowling alley and came in wearing your bowling shoes in the great snow storm we had in November. Get well soon, hope to see you again this year!
So glad to read that you're doing so good after this horrible accident +Ptah Dunbar. Hopefully we'll have you back doing awesome things with DevPress and for the WP community soon :-) Also thanks for the updates +David Bisset :-)
The main thing is he is still alive and hopefully should be in good spirits soon.
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