Here's a photo of attendees at our first Event in December!

In the end there were about ten of us, which meant we could all sit around a big table together and work on several different projects. We had enough power adaptors and croissants for everyone, no one minded about the stickers, and most importantly, someone in the office had found a fancy coffee machine hidden in a cupboard for us to use.

Some of us worked on collecting gender-neutral toilet locations from Open Street Map to add it to Refuge Restrooms (, while another group researched trans-friendly holiday destinations. A third team decided to build a tool to find — or create — non-gendered names for nonbinary people ( At the end of the day we videoconferenced with Naomi and the group who’d come to the first-ever American Trans*Code, in Chicago. Excitingly, a team there took up the nonbinary name generator and worked to improve it further (
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