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Anyone in #NewYorkCity  looking to buy a #ChromebookPixel? (With the 1 TB Google Drive storage still available)

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On a morning walk. Took this with Galaxy Note 3, edited with Google+ while walking.

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Added photos to GDG New Delhi January Meet up! - An evening with Anirudh Dewani & Ankur Kotwal.

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Most happening Google group
:-P #gics  #gdg
We had an opportunity to host some of the Indian #GDG organizers at #gics 2013.

+Badrinath Kulkarni +Parul Soi +Shrey Malhotra +Bharath Silagani +Sindhoora Mokshagundam +Kausambi Manjita +Jatin Malhotra +Paresh Mayani +Deep Moteria +Dhrumil Shah +Vikram Tiwari +Dhatri Misra +Shishir Vaidya +Arun Shanker Prasad +Sanjay Nediyara +Zacharias Manuel +Karthik K +Pranay airan +Aman Alam +Suyash Dixit +prajyot mainkar +Jonathan Pereira +suvankar bose +Adarsh J

It was a pleasure meeting and interacting with all of you, have a safe travel back home and look forward to continue hearing success stories from each of your chapters!

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We invite you to spend an evening with us that is about you. Tell us about all the awesome stuff you are building with Google Developer Technologies, be it an app on Android, or for the web or even if you are running a cool startup. We want to hear it all ! This is your chance to share it with us and the community. And you never know, it might make you the "star of the show".

And that's not all, we are really excited to share that 
we will be joined by David McLaughlin (Global Programs Lead, Developer Relations, Google) & Alejandro Villanueva ( Developer Relations Lead for Europe, Middle East, Africa and Latin America, Google) in person at our meetup to hear about all the cool stuff you do ! 

Come join us , for "An Evening with Googlers & GDG New Delhi" 

Please register by filling up this form -

We apologize that we can only invite a limited members to the meetup, since we have limited resources for the event. So make sure you register quickly before all seats run out

We will be sending out the invites a week before the meetup to the specified emails. Please make sure to carry your invite for the meetup. Anyone without the invite will not be entertained at the venue.

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A few of us from GDG New Delhi were at San Francisco in mid-May for Google I/O, and are hosting a Codelabs to assist others get started with the latest developer tools and methodologies.
The topics covered will include:
1.The new gaming APIs 
2.Design principles and UX practices for Android developers.

The aim of the codelabs is to help developers learn by getting their hands dirty. Hence we will also have a small hacking session post-lunch to iron out any difficulties they might face when it comes to implementing what they just learnt.

As you might expect, the event is only for experienced Android developers. Those interested in attending the sessions must RSVP at the Google+ Event linked below, as well as fill the Form mentioned on the event's page.

Details :
Date  15-June-2013
Time  10 am - 4 pm
Venue Google office,Tower C 
             DLF Cyber City, Gurgaon

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Some moments from I/O Extended viewing party at Google office, Gurgaon!!!
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HI I am organising I/O extended viewing party at the Google office in New Delhi, India. We would be streaming the keynote address and have lighting talks and show a collection of exciting videos of how Google glass can be used. We are also planning to have a live interaction with the GDG members attending the Google I/O. We have 150 registrations so far and seems like there will be a lot more :). We are also planning to have hackathons and code labs a week after I/O where GDG members that attended I/O would share what they learned with developers.

If you have an apple and I have an apple and we exchange apples then you and I will still each have one apple. But if you have an idea and I have an idea and we exchange these ideas, then each of us will have two ideas.

~ George Bernard Shaw 

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