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Dan Petrovic
Search, technology, science and futurism.
Search, technology, science and futurism.


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How to write for the web
It's been two months since I published this article and as promised I'm sharing the user engagement statistics:

Scrolls: Clicks: Hovers:

Page views: 5,000
Average time on page: 11 minutes
Bounce Rate: 60%

Hypotext plugin installs: 156

What did I learn? My readers like when I write big in-depth articles but end up reading more of it if I show them only a skeletal form of the article and let them choose which parts to expand (hypotext). Heatmaps show that people did use the feature and weren't confused by it. I'm amazed that people spend an average of ~11 minutes on this article. I've never had that sort of success on my blog. Another highlight for me was that the bounce rate on this page was 30% lower than on our average blog post which means that after reading my post people aren't sick of me but many of them are looking for more of my content which is awesome.

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Google is now reporting when "rich results" happen in the Search Consoles Analytics report.

It's backdated to their last official Update on the 27th April.

From what I can tell, it includes times when rich snippets are included in the displayed result. e.g. product priced, reviews, recipe data etc..

A good report is to filter by rich results then display pages. Then you can see which pages are worthy of rich snippets.

What's the best practice with serving different content on the same URL based on user's location? (e.g. WA visitors see different content to people in QLD).

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1. Wisdom and perspective from a PR veteran.
2. Some low-budget PR tactics.
3. Occasional creative PR example.
4. Lots of useful, basic and common sense PR advice.

Note: This is a really good guide to basic PR without a single instance actual guerrilla approach. Essentially, Levine mixed up words "cheap" and "guerrilla". He failed to bring up any significant digital PR opportunities, despite his attempt to stay in touch with the trends.

After much consideration I've determined that our local pages [1] had no purpose other than SEO. Our customers go to "Contact Us" section to find our address and local phones. The rest of it was just fluff, text and attempts to make any reason to put some sort of "quality" content on those pages. There isn't any. So the pages are gone. I've updated the business pages and redirected the old URLs to our home page. I'll let you know how this goes for me before I execute my backup plan [2].

[1] Local Pages (still in cache):

[2] Backup plan consists of re-establishing the pointless local pages and throwing some links at each. Yup, good old links and useless pages. God I hope Google proves me wrong and I don't have to do this.

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About to smash it.

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In my garden this morning.

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I blame +Barry Hunter and +Steven Lockey for this.

I'm looking for someone to translate a website from English to Thai, also English to Vietnamese.
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