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A number of people objected that was really the 999th comic, citing the absence of comic #404.

However, I have always been of the opinion that is an actual comic, if a slightly avant-garde one. I actually went out of my way to modify the 'random' button to include it, but that annoyed too many people—most of whom reasonably assumed it was a bug—and I eventually undid it.

Speaking of which, this is my new favorite comic:

I particularly like the video game.
No. 1: First | 2008-12-08 | Next | Latest. Generated by an infinite conga-space of monkeys coerced by: David Birch. The author writes: As the first strip in my new project, I thought it was important ...
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Slightly spoiled by the preview that G+ does, but nicely done all the same.
Congratulations on your eighth comic, binary aficionado!
I'm still holding out until you have finished your first kibicomic
Congrats on this numerically important milestone. And I think comic #404 is hilarious. I see what you did there. 
+Randall Munroe who cares what the negative pedants say? I and all my cult following love the official 1000th comic.

Nicely played :)
Who are the complainers, who have never done a single comic. Congrats to your thousandth comic. Cheers.
Just wanna say--if you added a random link and/or added some design to your 404, maybe people would like it better, since they'd be able to continue :P
For what it's worth, todays xkcd made me waste one hour marking all the stick figures and writing a small program to count them.
There actually are 1000 stick figures in there although one might wonder why that's only true if you include the two looking at the "1000".

Added value for reference:
+Randall Munroe But... Aren't you part of the religion that believes the index of the first element in a list 0?
Matija Pa
Good job, only 24 more to go until 1 kxkcd!
Just because some people don't get a joke doesn't mean it's not funny. Heck, sometimes that makes it even more funny. Keep up the awesome work, cant wait for #1024!
Happy 1000, I never have thanked you for countless (though <= 1000) laughs, and it seems like you're reading these comments. So: thanks!
Beautiful on both counts!
Wow! Sixteen comics already!
Wait, that isn't in binary, is it...?
Randall you're probably counting them all wrong. Retraining the neural network and running it again until you get consistent results may help. Or you could enlist the aid of an autistic friend.
congrats on producing so much fantastic work!
Well done - just just for the 1000 laughs, but the countless WTF? and then checking wikipedia and spending an hour learning something new in order to get the joke in the first place...
0 could redirect to 404. No need to duplicate your null value.
A 10 bit counter overflows at 1023. Why don't you just start over? ;)
He'll do that in 2038 as a tribute to unix 32 bit time_t
Looks like mezzacotta has been slashdotted. Or XKCD'd.
Conga Rats, Randall! And, yeah, second the poster request.
I was so happy to find the character from my favourite xkcd. Knowing she's there, twirling around, still lengthening the night lifts my heart a little. Thanks for them, Randall.
Congratulations on closing in on a milestone, only 24 more to go! :-)
Yeah, that one stick figure was freakin' hot
+Randall Munroe OF COURSE #404 counts! Anybody who says it doesn't shouldn't be reading your comic! So put THAT in your disclaimer! And why didn't it occur to me to count the figures? I just assumed you did 1000, because you're xkcd...
"Semantic satiation" - I never realized there was an actual term for that, even though I've experienced it many times. You learn something new every day.. for me it's darn near scary how often xkcd has something to do with it.
I loved the 404. Don't ever change that. And the mobile device apps that just skip it, should be scrapped.

Looking forward to the next kxkcd to come.

Be well.
The comic you link to is broken. No image.
Maybe go back and make a 0th comic so the argument can be true with or without the 404th. Either by count or by position.
Thank you Randall for bringing so many of us together. When two geeks meet in the wild there's one subject we can always agree on: XKCD is awesome.
You're right, the videogame is clearly the best part... XD
+Matthew Keable I'm listening. :-) Thanks for the shout, Randall. It's gratifying to see the intricate plotting and stunning artwork of Comments on a Postcard get wider exposure.
So I'm always looking for something to hack on, and this thread gave me an idea: a webpage for this comic where people can click on each person and add comments to them and such - many of them are allusions to another comic, for instance. The first step in that is finding all the people - fortunately Carsten already did that for me, I just had to extract the data, which Python is plenty capable of. I got that much done, but now I have real work to do :P

I'll probably work on the rest of it later, but if anyone else is interested, here's what I've got so far:
I'll add my thanks, +Randall Munroe- I hope life, love and the interwebs bring you enough happiness and luck to inspire thousands more!
I had yet to see #404, and have to say I'm of the opinion it's a brilliant one and I'm very tickled by it:) I'm hugely appreciative of your work and am glad to be part of your "less alone"ness:)
Grover Cleveland was president twice. So if Obama is the 44th president, this is the 1000th comic (decimal)
Congratulations and thanks for the 1000 ways you made me laugh or think or learn something new or all three!
Congrats!!! (And 404 totally counts!)
seriously? People didn't get #404? Congrats on #1000!!!
+Randall Munroe My housemate suggests an alternate answer for the people who say that 404 isn't a comic: There is a comic 404, you just can't find it.
I think 404 is a comic. I hope you do something extra special for that extra round, perfect square number coming up. ;)
Obviously 404 is a comic because it made me laugh. But I laughed because it doesn't exist, so that makes it a non-existent comic. So, to summarise, there are 1000 xkcd comics, one of which doesn't exist. Being non-existent doesn't make objects uncountable.
+Randall Munroe: At least one random stranger was rather touched by your choice of alt-text on this one.

The reason I love xkcd so much is that above and beyond just being funny, at its best it makes me feel less alone. And knowing that me reading it, in some infinitesimally small way, helps do the same for you makes me love it even more.

So thanks for making me feel less alone, too. :)
If you're poking the random button, ask it to stop focusing on pages I've seen already recently. Can you respect someone too lazy to do the statistical analysis too see if there's a hidden message in it? I've always suspected, but never had the free time.
I relate so much to xkcd. And I love maths jokes, which are sorely under-represented in the world at large. Oh, and in answer to a question you never asked - my favourite map projection is Google Maps...
If xkcd were a guy called Trout Fishing In America, the people who make Chuck Norris jokes would be shamed into maintaining a mortified silence.
Hey why don't we make xkcd-Trout Fishing In America flesh? Gentlemen, we can build him. We have the technology.
The 1000th comic was one of my favorites! I do love binary. Thanks.
But you could just draw special 404'th comic and join 'web sites with awesome "Page not found"' group.
Thanks for clearing it up, but you should also make a comic for the 404 error page.
I didn't know about comic 404! That's like getting an extra comic today!
#404 not a comic? Next they'll be saying zero isn't a number.
As IT support at a small private University I handle a lot of technical problems.. One of the students came up to me one day saying that there was a problem with one of the vending machines (I had already started formulating an answer based on the fact that the vending machines are not under my jurisdiction and that I didn't really have access to them anyway), However; really, he just went on to tell me that when he typed in his selection for item 404 it was saying "not found" and that he just wanted to share that with me. xD
You should do somethingg about comic 404 on Display 404 confuses the program.
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