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I'm glad people seem to have enjoyed my unscheduled Thursday comic. It was my first animated gif. I don't just mean it was the first one in xkcd—that file was actually the first animated gif I've created. I know I'm 15 years late to the medium, so I'll try to resist going crazy with them.

Does anyone in the Boston area want to adopt a very handsome, very round domestic pigeon?

Explanation: there's a lost domestic King Pigeon that's been outside near my house for the past few days. It's clearly a pet (or other domestic bird) that got away, and it's been sitting around on a porch railing looking cold and confused. None of the neighbors knew where it came from, and there have been no 'lost bird' ads for our area. It clearly wasn't going to make it once winter set in, so we called the MSPCA, who said they'd take it in if we caught it.

With guidance from a friend with bird rehab experience, we managed to do so. It's now sitting warm and content in a cage with some food and water. It's very social, which is why it came over to us

I can't keep it in my house, so it'll spend tonight with a relative of mine in Somerville. Tomorrow we'll take it to the MSPCA, who will try to find it a home. But if anyone in the Boston area would like to take in a handsome, quiet, docile, domestic King Pigeon, send me an email at Thanks!

Oh, and if you're on the fence, remember: this bird is Columba livia domestica, which is a member of the Columbiformes, a constituent of class Aves, which is a clade within Therapoda, which is a member of Saurischia, which is one of the two divisions of superorder Dinosauria.

Want to adopt a dinosaur?

Edit: I suggested I'd be putting up a fourth comic tonight, but I was up until about 8 this morning drawing the Steve Jobs comic (and, before that, getting a bunch of new t-shirt designs done, which I'm really excited about). What with the pigeon debacle and a bunch of doctor visits today (nothing bad), I think I'm too sleep-deprived to do anything but argue about dinosaur taxonomy on the internet. Accordingly, I'm just going to call #961 an early Friday comic, and start fresh after I get some sleep.
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tl;dr - there's a pterodactyl in your car. One step away from a velociraptor, I think. ;)
My girls would love a pigeon. Unfortunately, our cats would as well.
It's just a highly evolved raptor! That's even worse! It can FLY! Maybe you're safe from this one though.
Saurischia is the deal-breaker, alas.
Yummmmm squab -- I mean, who wouldn't want to adopt a cute little chubby bird like that?
Can I call it Yoshi and ride it like Dr. McNinja?
looks Well done, Randall. Very elegant. Including the mouseover.
If you can somehow get it to Los Angeles I would love to take care of it.
my family ended up with a pet homing pigeon this way! (found a bird with a broken wing and a band on his leg, owner did not want him anymore, so we kept him) eventually, we had to give him away, since pigeons need to be kept in pairs or they get too lonely.
If my apartment would let me have it, I'd love it. Alas.
it's one of my favorite of your comics
Only 8 years, technically. <3

(...6 more years until you can post an MP3!)
I'd so love to, but can't really make commitments to pets longer than about 6 months. Still, ping me if you're desperate, I could take it at least until next summer (and would really love having it around).
Why didn't you use APNG or MNG though? Isn't .GIF still patent-encumbered or something?
Nonetheless, great comic. :)
+1 for the comic and +1 for the "Want to adopt a dinosaur?"
+Jason, I agree +1... But I didn't understand any word in that last paragraph :p looks like it might taste like chicken :D
+Jeramie Wheeler Using the same hierarchy of biological classification (biology scientific names of things) that allows someone to argue chocolate is good for you because it is a vegetable, +Randall Munroe was using the hierarchy to say the pidgin was a dinosaur.
You're right about vegetable not being a hard and fast definition, "vegetable" is actually a strict subset of "fruit". But I'd take it a step further, I'd also point out that chocolate doesn't actually have a taxonomic definition...
I can haz chocolate graph?
That would be one of those complicated chart/diagram cartoons you do, but involving chocolate variations...
"Constantly-evolving wildly-varying lines of dinosaurs dominated the world for 150 million years; Tyrannosaurus and Velociraptor lived closer in time to modern relatives such as the ostrich and the pigeon than they did to Stegosaurus." I thought you said you wouldn't do this anymore, +Randall Munroe .
"It is better to remain silent and be thought a fool, than to open your mouth and remove all doubt" I know nothing about taxonomy and was trying to summarize your last paragraph, but it was worth the blunder. Thanks for sharing +Randall Munroe.
So I got curious and ended up a the chocolate wikipedia page, it's fascinating stuff. I didn't realize that food could be tempered...
Does this mean that if I get an ostrich as a pet, I can walk the dinosaur?
My first animated gifs were naughty ones i would make for buddy icons on AIM back in the CompuServe days :)
I already have a small blue dinosaur in my house but that is a hella cute pigeon
Wish we were in the area; that bird would find an adoring home on our farm! :(
One, I'm in Texas, and getting the bird here would be challenging, to say the least.

Two, I'm not sure the family of barn swallows and their buddy the mockingbird would be terribly happy about that bird here -- they gang up and chase away other birds, including other swallows and other mockingbirds.

(I've been entertained by watching the birds who live here harassing an intruder. If there's anyone else around who might be similarly entertained, I yell out, "Dinosaur fight in the front yard!" I got a bunch of cladistics stuff in geology class more than 20 years ago....)
Probably--we eventually found his owner through his band. Turns out he broke the wing on his first flight and was a "loser" and would have been put down (not worth the birdseed?), so we kept him. 
We had a homing pigeon show up at our little farm earlier this summer. She had a band with a 2008 date, so I think she was quite late on her return. She was timid, but you could tell she had been handled in the past, and was very sweet. She stayed on the roof of our chicken coop for several days, flying up to the house to stay at night (she would perch on the roof right above our bedroom window; it was open and we think she was comforted by being able to hear us). I really hoped she was going to stay, and we had plans of building her a little house on the side of the coop that weekend, but she ended up flying away one morning, and hasn't returned. It was kind of heartbreaking. :( Here are some photos of her:

I really do wish we lived closer, because I'd take this sweet little bird in a a heartbeat!
Tell that bird to fly down to Atlanta, I've been looking for a new pet. Of course, I'll have to keep my cat from eating it, but mammal dominance over the coldblooded is a matter of pride to me.

Wait, birds aren't coldblooded, are they? I don't want it if it's not coldblooded.
+Gary McGath Animated gifs have progressed; they are now used as lightweight short videos rather than window dressing. Turn them back on.
Domestic pigeons are AWESOME. Look at him! He's the handsomest bird! :D
+teryret teryret I definitely wouldn't call vegetables a subset of fruit, since botanically fruit is the part that contains the seeds, which is why pedants who don't understand that words can have different meanings in different fields will go on about how peppers and tomatoes and avocados are fruits. But many of the most typical things "vegetable" applies to don't include the seeds.
is this pigeon still up for adoption?
Ever since this post I'm seeing little winged dinosaurs everywhere. Columbasaurus livia
My only issue with adopting it would be that you might send me a bobcat instead :(
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