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Bankers gambling with our money, putting us into recession and forcing us to tighten our belts, whilst they give themselves big fat bonuses and pats on the back....i just don't get it.

It's not the fact that bankers are doing this, i get that - greed!

What I don't get is HOW they have been able to get away with it for so long and continue to do so even today! The regulatory governing bodies that are in place are either incompetent or have been influenced.....

Each UK political opposition party have stated that this is disgraceful behaviour and that they would do x, y and z when they got into to power. Yet when they get into power.... yes you guessed it, nothing happens except more talk of what they plan to do over the next billion years.

Why am I ranting on this?
I'm tired.
I'm tired of being taken for a fool.
I'm tired of having to manage my finances every day so greedy bankers can drink champagne in their luxury apartments.
I'm tired of governments, who we pay our hard earned taxes to, looking the other way when they could be doing something
I'm tired of asking my wife "How much was it?" as my first reaction when she buys my daughter a new coat for winter instead of "That looks fantastic!"

But most of all I'm tired of worrying about the future for my kids....

It's time for those in politics to remember WHY they went into politics. To swim against the tide of corruption and make that difference they always dreamed they would do. Before it's too late....
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