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Harry Flashman
62 years old. Seems hard to believe I've been around that long.
62 years old. Seems hard to believe I've been around that long.

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Memorial Day 2017
Through many nations and over many seas having been driven I come, poor brother, to make these offerings, that I might give them at last for the service of the dead. And I, in vain address ashes, unable to speak. Since fortune has carried away your own self...

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Score card.
Manchester Terror Attack: 24 Nov 2017 Killed Terrorist 22 Killed,  62 wounded, 4 missing Paris Terror Attack, 13 Nov 2015 96 of the 130 killed. 130 Killed, 368 Wounded Abdel Hamid Abaaoud Orlando Terror Attack: June 12 2016 Killed 49 Killed, 53 wounded. Oma...

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Manchester Bombing
Because I'm not watching the news much anymore, I didn't know this had happened until I read a comment on the last post CC had written. Went upstairs and turned on the TV.   Pretty much Deja Vu in how the news covered it. I first turned  to Fox, but as soon...

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The Mysterious Death of Seth Rich.
Seth Rich is the Democratic staffer who gave Wikileaks thousands of DNC emails before the election. By coincidence, he was killed outside his Washington D.C. townhouse in a robbery. He was shot twice in the back, at close range. The perpetrator left his wal...

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Hot, Humid, and Dry. .22 LR showing up in small quantities. Ruminations.
It's getting hot here. Just a little after ten a.m. right now, and the humidity outside is 89%.  It will be low nineties in terms of temperature by late afternoon.  I am running four big dehumidifiers in my buildings, and three air conditioning units. The p...

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Here there be monsters.
I am back from Chattanooga.  Nothing untoward occurred, at least, in terms of being accosted by acolytes of BLM.   It was a tiring trip, though. We went over there Monday. It was hot, and unbeknownst to me, my wife had turned the air control on the air cond...

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Survival Situations in the past. Once more into the breach.
This book is thicker than the bible.  It took me a lot of long hours at night to get through it.  Basically, it's the diary of an English infantry platoon commander in a Scottish Regiment. The period this covers is not one you hear a lot about in America, p...

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It was a moonlit and tranquil night.
Yesterday, I moved the furniture in my bedroom around, I had a new cabinet I wanted to fit in there, and I had to rearrange to keep from blocking the closet door. I got everything just right, but I failed to take into account that Percy the Ferret sleeps in...

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Down to the falls. Slow times on the mountain.
My wife and I went to the waterfall today.  I didn't want her to get worn out, so we drove the Jeep down there instead of walking. This is the first , or bottom fall. There are two higher ones in this location. There are two creeks you have to ford between ...

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Time for a little test.
Most of this past week we had a slow, drizzling rain.  Today it's clear, but it's 52 degrees outside and the wind is blowing enough to move the tops of the poplars back and forth. Not a day to be poking around outside. Years ago, after having read this book...
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