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Always Free Shipping on Your Catholic Gift Needs!

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What Happened to the Apostles and Where are Their Remains Today?

Ever wonder what happened to the Apostles and where their remains are today? We have the answers for you.

#Catholic #Apostles  

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How to Make a Palm Cross

Learn how to make palm crosses in time for Sunday!

#Catholic   #PalmSunday   #Lent   #HolyWeek  

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Saint Patrick, Patron Saint of Ireland

Learn a little bit about St. Patrick before his feast day, tomorrow 3/17!

#Catholic   #stpatricksday   #Irish  

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What Should I Give Up for Lent?

What if we told you that it's not so much what you give up for's why!

#Lent #Catholic  

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Lenten Calendar

We like to make our own Lenten Calendars at The Catholic Gift Shop, but this one is pretty neat too! Read all about the tradition of Lenten Calendars in this post.

#Lent #AshWednesday

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The Meaning of Ash Wednesday

Ever have somebody ask you why you have dirt on your forehead when it's Ash Wednesday? Use it as a chance to evangelize! We share the meaning of Ash Wednesday in this post.

#AshWednesday #Catholic #Ashtag  

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Dear God, Well You Know

Romans 8:26 encourages us that even when we have difficulty praying (like in the cartoon below), we need to keep on trying! The Holy Spirit will intercede on our behalf.

#Catholic #prayer #HolySpirit  

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Who's Your Patron Saint for the Year?

Choosing a patron saint for the year is a fun activity we do each January here at +The Catholic Gift Shop. It's a great way to learn more about different saints of the Catholic Church.

#Catholic #patronsaint  

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Different Ways to Pray the Rosary

We share some interesting ways to spice up your prayer life! Some of them include being outside, blowing out candles, and eating tasty treats. Just some ideas for anybody looking for different ways to pray!

#prayer #Catholic #rosary  

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The Epiphany of Our Lord Jesus Christ

We celebrated the Solemnity of Our Lord Jesus Christ last Sunday, but today officially ends the Twelve Days of Christmas with the Magi's visit to see Jesus.

#Catholic #feast #TwelveDaysofChristmas  
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