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Chris O'Brien
Musician, photographer and writer...but not by profession.
Musician, photographer and writer...but not by profession.

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It's been a while since I've written anything, but I have a new blog post on a heavy topic.

To my boss after having to repeat myself to someone else: "Sometimes I'm just too quiet for my own good!" Boss:"Say again?" - Yes...exactly!

I've often wondered how much photography you can get away with in an airport without being completely misunderstood!

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This is why people hate politicians!

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Tech Support Blues - Ever call an outsourced tech hotline? auto-translation mishaps ensue :)

After a couple listens, I'm really liking the #NewU2Album. Fave track so far: Cedarwood Road - nice gritty kick to it.

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Woohoo! I made some web content :). A new story/blog post.

Well that was supremely disappointing. :-( Time for my playoff beard to go now. What to do? Clean? Stubble? Goatee? 

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Wrote a little story about communication. Or at least a humorous fail.

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A warm welcome to my new musical buddy.  A 2008 Hagstrom Super Swede.  I look forward to many hours with my new friend. 
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