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Today 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
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2608 K Ave Plano, TX 75074, United States
2608 K AvenueUSTexasPlano75074
Gun Shop, Shooting RangeToday 9:00 am – 9:00 pm
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"But what more do you want from a gun range, I really like it."
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"IMO - one of the best indoor ranges in the metroplex."
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"Bullet Trap better hope another range doesn't open nearby."
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Aaron O'Neal's profile photo
Aaron O'Neal
a month ago
Went here for an Intro to shooting course. It was a lot of fun, very formative, and practical. Our instructor Peter was great in teaching the class and kept me engaged. Being able to shoot over 21 guns was awesome and helped me to decide what kind of gun I might purchase in the future. I definitely recommend!
Jean Funk's profile photo
Jean Funk
2 months ago
Attended beginner's handgun course, a few one-on-one trainings and CHL class. Fabulous helpful staff. Would highly recommend.
Stefan Zhang
5 months ago
DO NOT GO THERE IF YOU ARE NOT A U.S. CITIZEN! This place is discriminate against non citizens. They didn't let me in because I'm not a U.S. citizen. And told me it is required by the law to be a citizen to shoot a gun(There is no such law!) . WTF?! I have been in America for 5 years under working visa. And I went to more than 20 gun stores and ranges in Texas, never had a problem. I also passed the background check and bought my first hand gun last year. You stupid owner should hire a lawyer and read the law. How such stupid business can survive?
• • •
ossie williams
3 weeks ago
Love this place service and prices are good and information they share is great
b anderson
a month ago
If I could give this place less than one star, I would! I have purchased multiple firearms from the bullet trap in the past. never had any issues until today. My previous trip to this range, I called ahead to make sure they allowed steel case ammo(not to be confused with steel core). The person on the phone said yes, steel case ammo is fine. I showed up to the range that day and the female employee asked to check my ammo before entering the range. She looked at it and said I couldn't shoot it there even though I was told over the phone not even 30 min prior that steel case was ok. I asked her to check with her management and sure enough management gave me the "ok" and the girl apologized for misinforming me. Fast forward to today. Went there with my wife and two friends. I had various brands of ammo, mostly brass but about 30 rounds of steel .380. Half way through shooting a bearded guy rushed out to my lane and got and attitude with my wife because she had a few steel cased .380 rounds in her hand. He said he needed to take the remaining steel cased ammo because it wasn't allowed there. The real reason they don't want steel cased ammo there(which they don't want you to know)is because they sell the used brass they collect off of the floor and don't want to pick through the brass before SELLING your spent ammo. I told him about my previous clarification pertaining to steel case ammo and he wasn't having it. I had quite a few firearms with me in a pretty large case. The case was completely out of the walkway, not a fire hazard and not an inconvenience to any of the other patrons. It was actually too large to fit under the bench at my lane. He argued with me about placing the case under the bench even though it took up the lane next to mine as well. We have a membership at a private range but decided to give the bullet trap some business because it was convenient. HUGE MISTAKE. The staff here should communicate with one another better. Don't waste your time or money! Spend it at a better facility
• • •
bluewire4's profile photo
5 months ago
Staff has been helpful and friendly whenever I visit. I have not experienced the "attitude problems" mentioned in older reviews. The gun range is useable but lighting is substandard and air handling is weak. The range really shows its ago. Try Eagle Gun Range (Lewisville) to see how advanced and pleasant a range can be. The Bullet Trap's membership package makes the overall price very reasonable for frequent shooters. Ammo price is a bit high, but retail store is well stocked.
• • •
Aaaa Dddd
7 months ago
Something stinks here....Rifle range has been out of commission for almost a year!!! Every time I call to see if it's back in use they claim to be waiting on parts or motors or something...Give me a break, how many parts are there to a rifle I said something stinks here (mainly the continued excuses)...VERY POORLY MANAGED. .Guess my membership for this year turned out to be worthless!! And don't go to Frisco unless you have lots of cash to throw at them, oh and by the way both Frisco and Plano are managed by the same group... OR could it be they don't want to fix the rifle lanes is so you'll go to Frisco and pay $37.50 AN HOUR!!! Like I said....SOMETHING STINKS!!!
• • •
Steve Reid
7 months ago
GREAT STORE!!!! I don't know why people are saying the employees are anything less than spectacular. This was the first gun range I'd ever been to. Probably the second gun store. The one other gun shop I visited a few years ago treated me so poorly that I was intimidated to go into another gun store until visiting The Bullet Trap. So obviously, I'm very new to guns. I can't say enough good things about this place. I've been here about a dozen times now over the last 2-3 months. Every single person who I dealt with was friendly, helpful, and patient. I've been in several times to try out (rent) guns in order to decide which one to purchase. I looked at a lot of guns and had at least five different guys and one girl help me, and they were all really professional, knowledgeable, and didn't make me feel like I was an idiot for asking dumb questions. I ended up purchasing a gun and had some trouble taking it apart when I got home. I went back the next day and one of the employees spent nearly a half an hour helping me, showing me how to disassemble and reassemble the weapon. He didn't just show me, he watched me do it three or four times to make sure I could do it properly on my own. Anyway, this place is great. I bought a membership and have already taken their CHL class. The instructor is a former marine who did a great job teaching the class. He also spent time giving me shooting tips on the range when I took my qualification test. My only wish would be for them to add more fans on the range. There is no AC. I went shooting yesterday at about 6 PM (July 12, 2014). Temperature outside was about 97. The range was pretty toasty. It wasn't unbearable, given the fact that I'm usually on the range for less than 30 minutes. By the time I was really starting to sweat, I was out of ammo! But some extra fans would be nice. I rented a Glock 42 while I was there shooting my own guns and it jammed really badly. I asked an employee for help clearing the jam, and he discovered that I had accidentally put a 9mm bullet into the .380 gun. He cleared the jam and I apologized for my screw up, and he said "Hey, stuff happens. I've seen worse." I was really impressed that he didn't roll his eyes and make me feel like the idiot I was! He had a great attitude. That's customer service, folks. Anywho, I would recommend this place for sure. I am bringing my wife, daughter, and father here in August for their Intro To Handguns class.
• • •