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Hey guys - get Hangouts for your Android device now!

Note: the Play Store displays Hangouts as unavailable for tablet devices like Nexus 7. We worked hard to make sure Hangouts works great with tablets. Hang tight, this should be resolved shortly!
Hangouts brings one-on-one and group conversations to life with photos, emo...
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Cool! Now just waiting for tablet support.
Looking forward to installing this on my Nexus 7
Without iMessage-like functionality, this is just 'another chat client nobody you know uses'. :( 
I can haz Google voice built in and it's perfect
I hate to be that guy, but the Gmail browser experience seems to still use the old Talk system. Is that to be expected?
Also it seems the G+ app needs to be updated with support as it's chat system seems separate still
They forgot to change the icon within the app. Still has the old TALK icon. 
I followed the link above. When I was directed to the play store hangouts was already installed but when I clicked open it was just the old talk app
Yeah, you need to do it on the desktop and force-install it on your device, or it won't update. You can't do it from the device, I noticed.
That's beat o don't have a desktop just my phone
Installed on my phone but is not compatible with my tablet, so weird.
Sideload worked fine on my Transformer Infinity too (10 inch).
nm... how does it work.. It's still Google Talk on my Nexus4 instead of Hangout.... 
+Matthew Tsang It should update by itself but if your impatient like me, someone posted a link for a download in this feed. I used it and it works. Just download and install
Hmm yea, on my nexus 4 it just shows the talk app. In Google play it shows hangouts is installed but when I click open it just opens talk. :(
It hasn't updated on phones yet
Frustrating. Shows as installed on my Nexus 4, but it is definitely still Talk.
Yeah it shows installed but in reality its still talk
The link posted earlier works like a charm on the 4.
Missing buddy list to show favorites/online/offline/busy ect.... without that it is a waste
Is there some reason the Install button in the post takes me to the German version of Google Play?
Josh B
I take it, this is 4.0+
shame it was inviscerated on the desktop. Completely useless if you can't sort contacts and remove ones you don't want to see - including ones that are not even on g+ or gmail. Or know if they are online or not. Of the ten visible and apparently locked that way, half I have never chatted with, one is my ex wife, and 3 are not on google plus. Not useful at all.
+Randall Sarafa is there any chance we will be getting integrated SMS support with Hangouts soon?

I love the design of the app and want to be able to use it but not having SMS support, which the majority of my family and friends use solely, makes it pretty much useless.
Agree +Alex Meyer , SMS and Voice support would give this app a complete feel!  I love the interface, I hope it continues to progress.
Those having trouble, I uninstalled Talk and then went to Play and downloaded Hangout and everything works/looks as it should.
It's a little tricky if Talk was pre-loaded and you can't uninstall it, I had to pull the play store up on a browser in order to get Hangouts to install.
Ah, thanks for the info, it was driving me crazy
Thanks for the update. Would you happen to know if the tablet update will be coming in the next few hours? Alternatively, will the sideloaded .apk be able to get updates from Google Play?
I am trying to do that but in the browser it shows as installed too, is there a way to "force" it to reinstall from the browser play store? 
Nexus 10 support? D;
+Logan Lind I am pretty sure it will once the issue is fixed, I sideloaded G+ for quite some time (got stuck on v1) but that updates normally now as well :)
Great job +Randall Sarafa! Contacts are not yet showing if online or offline thought. Also wouldnt it be nice if Google Voice is incorporated to #Hangouts ?
+Vance McAlister not sure what's so brilliant about it myself. It's the old Talk app but worse. No VoIP option anymore. No ability to see who is online or offline. Can't tell whether someone is on the PC or their phone. Can't do a video call outside of a hangout. Can't swipe left and right through open chats. Can't set a status.

All of the above were working fine in Talk. This is a downgrade. 
I don't get it, it now says that it is compatible with my Nexus 7 and that it is already installed but I still have the old Google Talk? I didn't install it nor update it myself but the Play Store says Hangouts is installed and shows the "Open" button, no install button. Any help is appreciated.
Hi +Randall Sarafa , Can I suggest you a correction in the italian version of the app (the web version)?
You translate "read this far" "Leggi fino a qui" but the correct translation is "Letto fino a qui". "Leggi fino a qui" is a command, "you must read this far".
Ps: I love the app, and you guys rock.
Feel same as +Grant Wilson . This whole Hangout is just a downgrade of Talk at least for now... nothing so special or mind blowing yet.
It's launch day, bound to be some issues. I do wish there were an option to disable sound notifications only (leaving blink notifications on).
It's not launch day issues when they remove stuff from the app completely. Every comment I've seen has said launch day issues. 
+Grant Wilson what did they remove from the client completely? If anything it's more of the same with the ability for inline pictures.
Sharing Video/Contact/Location is missing, If you can implement those function, It can completely replace other messaging application on the market
+David Manson they're moved VoIP chats. Removed proper online offline status. Removed status. Removed the ability to click a contact picture to choose to email them or get directions or link to other apps associated with them. Removed the icon that shows if people are on the PC or Android.

So they added a new UI and the ability to send pics. The new UI had a swipe right function which if you're not exact will archive a message history. Plus they increased messaging a new contact to 3 steps. Plus button, type contact, choose message.

Before it was click Talk app, click on a contact which are easily distinguishable between offline or away etc. Then type to them.

How is this better? 
+David Manson not to mention the new picture sending is terrible. Each picture goes to its own Google+ gallery which is then synced back to your phone's gallery app. Subsequently I had 16 new galleries created for me that I didn't want. Why can't pictures go into Drive or somewhere else if they even have to go anywhere at all.

Which brings me to more issues. This is meant to be a unified chat app. Why do I have Google + messenger app still. Why again is the UI in the browser different to the UI on the phone.

It's all badly made. 
I haven't tried sending pictures, but if it is as you said +Grant Wilson then that's pretty bad. The old Messenger from G+ used to do the same thing. It would create a gallery titled "Conversations with....." a different one for each conversation. I always thought it was a horrible implementation. For all the great products that google puts there are these little things that just baffle me and just begs the question. Why!???
+Grant Wilson I dunno, I think it's a step in the right direction. I don't think it's feasible to completely consolidate all chat applications in one blow. I think putting a framework in place to replace gTalk with something that can span the several disparate chat services on the back-end is actually a good thing. In just over one year G+ has come pretty far, and I would have to think that hangouts will follow suit.. just not all at once.
+David Manson I think it feasible... FB has done it. They've included SMS in their messaging app. 
My Nexus 7 says it's already installed but I only have talk installed. Is there a way to update it to this new version?
You'd have to side load it or wait until they decide how to clean up this mess +Jason Elkins 
+Grant Wilson The galleries are a feature, not a bug. Seriously. The idea being that the shared images are easily accessible after the fact. Fantastic for many uses, IMO. I would prefer it be optional, though.
I know they're not a bug, but the feature sucks. I don't need my phone cluttered with 100 fders for each individual conversation. One folder itls good enough. Or at least, have the option so they don't show up/synch with my phone.
I was able to install it two days ago by sideloading the apk. Not ideal but it is working.
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