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Congratulations to all our 2015-2016 selectees!

Notifications are going out to all our 2015-2016 #Fulbright U.S. Student and Fulbright U.S. Scholar selectees. Congratulations to all of you who will be traveling abroad to study, conduct research, and teach in the upcoming year. 

For more information about the Fulbright Program, please visit our website:
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How are Fulbrighters changing the world?

Fulbrighters around the world are studying environmental sciences and sustainable development, researching and advancing environmental solutions to global challenges. How do you incorporate #sustainability and environmental awareness into your #Fulbright experience and your life?
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The U.S. Citizen Diplomacy Challenge (#CitizenDiplomacy) launches today, March 24!

American #ExchangeAlumni are invited to join the challenge and share their exchange experience with U.S. communities. Grand Prize awardees will win a professional development trip to Washington D.C.!

Learn more about Challenge activities, points, and prizes here:
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Global human trafficking is my fight!
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"A Poem for Umm Kulthum"

Corinne Stokes is a #Fulbright-mtvU Fellow in the United Arab Emirates. In a recent blog post, she shared the pleasure she has found in listening to the artist Umm Kulthum. "'Umm Kulthum or Al-Intithar' is about the experience of listening to Umm Kulthum’s songs and the pleasure the listener takes in waiting—in anticipating her vocal entrances and anticipating her repetitions."

In early November, I went to an open mic for local poets at an Abu Dhabi venue called The Space. It was the fourth event in a new Rooftop Rhythms series for
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Join us in celebrating #WomensHistoryMonth this March and recognizing some of our outstanding #Fulbright Alumnae.

- Fulbrighter and Nobel Laureate Rosalyn S. Yalow* #SheDocs

- Fulbrighters and Pulitzer Prize Winners
  - Caroline Elkins
  - Jane Smiley
  - Loretta Tofani
  - Sylvia Plath*
  - Meg Greenfield
  - Eudora Welty
  - Kathrine Anne Porter

- Fulbrighters and current and former Heads of State/Government
  - Kolina Grabar-Kitarovic, Croatia*
  - Iveta Radicova, Slovak Republic
  - Beatriz Merino Lucero, Peru
  - Ivy Leona Dumont, Bahamas

* #FulbrightAlumni pictured below.

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hi....i want to do my Post graduation
can any one help me.......regards
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Fulbright U.S. Scholar Competition - Now Open

The core #Fulbright U.S. Scholar Program provides approximately 800 teaching and/or research grants to U.S. faculty and experienced professionals in a wide variety of academic and professional fields. Grants are available in over 125 countries worldwide. Grant lengths vary in duration: applicants can propose projects for a period of two to twelve months, as specified in the award description.

Application Deadline: August 3, 2015.

This year we are also launching some exciting innovations for Fulbright Scholars! For more information about new program opportunities, please visit our website:

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The 2014-2015 list of ‪#‎Fulbright‬ Top Producing Institutions has been posted by the Chronicle of Higher Education!

We congratulate all of this year's Top Producers!

Is your institution on this year's list?
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The #Fulbright Program is going #Arctic

Join the Fulbright Program and Fulbright Canada for a very special celebration:
-Fulbright #Canada is celebrating its 25th anniversary!
-Announcement of the names of the scholars who have been selected to participate in the Fulbright Arctic Initiative
-Fulbrighter Acacia Johnson presents “Under the Same Stars,” an exhibit of original #photography that demonstrates that shared experiences in the Arctic, across all cultures and communities, tie us together
Under the Same Stars (Ulluriat ataanittuinnait) an exhibit of original photography by Fulbright Canada grantee, Acacia Johnson. The central theme of the show demonstrates that shared experiences in the Arctic, across all cultures and communities, tie us together. For thousands of years, ...
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"Learning Icelandic in a Tin Can Factory"

Scott Shigeoka is a Fulbright-mtvU Fellow in Iceland. In a recent blog post, he shares his experience learning Icelandic in an alternative, continuing education school in Reykjavík. "Learning Icelandic has helped me experience the country on a deeper level that transcends the nature and music scene for which it is often stereotypically appreciated. The best part of Tin Can Factory, however, was to be a part of a community that had a shared goal of bridging the distance between foreigners and locals."
When I first arrived to the country, a friend told me about an alternative Icelandic school called Tin Can Factory, so I decided to check it out. I was
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Indiana State Professor Shares Expertise in Albania

"At the University of Tirana, [Professor Terre] Blyukher taught occupational and environmental safety to graduate students in the departments of chemical engineering, industrial chemistry and food industry. He also developed curriculum for the university. Blyukher conducted assessments, surveys, performed institutional and programming research and consulted with faculty and administrators to create the new minor."

#Fulbright   #STEMeducation   #STEM  
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#Fulbright Alumni are Leading the World

Fulbright #alumni have achieved distinction in government, science, the arts, business, philanthropy, education, and athletics.
- 53 Fulbright alumni from 13 countries have been awarded the #NobelPrize
- 29 alumni are MacArthur Foundation Fellows
- 80 alumni have received Pulitzer Prizes
- 30 Fulbright alumni have served as heads of state or government

#FulbrightIs a tradition of excellence.

Learn more:
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No i'm good thanks.. I'll pass I can do it on my own..§§
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“‘About 40 percent of our students will go directly into the work force, where globalization is becoming increasingly important,’ said Wayne C. Wheeler, director of international programs and services for the American Association of Community Colleges. ‘Since study abroad isn’t a viable option for many of our students, the #Fulbright Program is one way colleges can bring the world to their campuses.’”

Learn more about Fulbright’s efforts to engage U.S. community colleges.
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The U.S. Government's flagship international exchange program.
The Fulbright Program increases mutual understanding between the people of the United States and the people of other countries. The Program provides scholarships for individuals in all fields to undertake innovative projects, graduate-level study, teaching and research, while also enabling participants to become cultural ambassadors from their countries. Approximately 318,000 “Fulbrighters” have participated in the Program since its inception in 1946.

Projects have included:
  • Developing devices to detect cancer by scent
  • Using music to help children with HIV create a supportive community
  • Studying new painting techniques
  • Developing key new economic theories
  • Teaching Arabic to U.S. college students
  • And more than 300,000 other projects in over 150 countries
The Fulbright Program is sponsored by U.S. Department of State Bureau of Educational and Cultural Affairs. For more information, visit our website.
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