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Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication
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For digital diplomacy to be an effective weapon in crisis, it needs to invest, innovate and adopt the mechanisms of the wider digital industry.
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+NPR's On the Media discusses the recent repeal of Smith Mundt.

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GW School of Media and Public Affairs and Georgetown Adjunct Assistant Professor Bruce Gregory compiles an annotated bibliography of Public Diplomacy-related readings and other resources. Intended ...
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Via State/OIG Semi Annual Report to Congress (October 1, 2012 - March 31, 2013) 👀
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A group of young Saudis are taking part in a new social media campaign to condemn violence against women. In the campaign, young men and woman pose in front of the camera carrying a placard with their own words. The campaign slogan, “Hit Her,” is a clever message calling on men to dare hit women and face the consequences of that action. The campaign was launched last week and is sponsored by Libra Productions, a sound studio and music managemen...
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New on Take Five. #water   #climatechange  
In February of this year, Philip Seib, who is the Director of the Center on Public Diplomacy at the University of Southern California, wrote a blog post entitled “Climate Change, Terrorism, and Pub...
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The Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication
Based in the Elliott School of International Affairs and the School of Media and Public Affairs at the George Washington University, the Institute is a leader in research and innovative thinking in areas of Public Diplomacy and Global Communication.


Although IPDGC's interests include a wide array of issues related to the study and practice of global communication and public diplomacy, it has five core areas of focus:

- New Media, Security, and Public Diplomacy
- The Role of Women and Gender in Security, Communication, and Diplomacy
- 21st Century U.S. Foreign Policy Priorities, such as China, Iran, and Africa
- "Whole of Government," Interagency Challenges, especially in the areas of Public Diplomacy and Strategic Communication
- Global Perspectives and Approaches to Public Diplomacy

Company Overview

The Institute for Public Diplomacy and Global Communication at the George Washington University is an outgrowth of what was known from 2000-2008 as the Public Diplomacy Institute. IPDGC engages in a variety of activities, including sponsoring major conferences as well as more intimate panels, research talks, and workshops; hosting leading scholars and practitioners including several Undersecretaries of State; and offering training for NGOs, embassies, and others.

The Institute is supported by both the Columbian College of Arts and Sciences and the Elliott School of International Affairs at GW. The Institute is also associated with the Global Communication Master's Program, a joint effort between CCAS's School of Media and Public Affairs and the Elliott School of International Affairs.

The Institute has been fortunate to have a close relationship with the U.S. State Department, embodied most directly in the appointment of a senior Foreign Service officer to serve as IPDGC's Senior Public Diplomacy Fellow. Currently, that role is filled by Jonathan Henick.
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