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Excellent International
Learn English at Excellent International academy in Auckland, New Zealand.
Learn English at Excellent International academy in Auckland, New Zealand.


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Did you know?
Student exchanges were 1st started after World War I when families in different countries swapped sons for a while. It was revived again after World War II with the idea that selected students would be good ambassadors for their countries.
In that time, not many people did it because it was extremely expensive, travel was slow and communication was difficult.
With the advent of cheap air travel, advanced technologic and better communication systems, costs have dropped and more families have felt comfortable sending their children to live in another country.

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Wanna find a good job or start a business in New Zealand? Wanna be a better leader or manager?
Meet Terence King, the head teacher of the course NZ Diploma in Business at Excellent International Academy and find out how this programme can make a difference in your career.
+64 09 366 6198

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Um dos critérios é ser fluente no inglês, uma indicação é estudar um escola de qualidade que dá todo o suporte de visto, de moradia e que possui preço acessível
Eu recomendo a Conheço a Diretora Roya Jazbani e ela pode dar todo o suporte , a escola tem um profissional brasileiro que tira suas dúvidas, como contratação do seguro para estudante. A Excellent também tem parceria com agências de intercâmbio brasileira que tem sede na Nova zelândia que pode te auxiliar
A Está localizada no centro de Auckland 
a maior cidade da Nova Zelândia

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Estudia NZ Diploma in Business Level 5 y 6 en EIA:
- Escuela flexible (clases lunes a jueves)
- Nuevos cursos NZDB sin Examen Final
- Puedes trabajar 20h/semana durante tus estudios
- Clases pequeñas, otimo ambiente de aprendizaje
- Permiso de trabajo por 1 año después de la graduación
- Precio accesible
- Gana puntos para una futura solicitud de visado de residencia
Inscríbase ya para la clase de febrero!

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Our School was considered in a selected list of Providers with 90% or higher Student Visa approval rate during 2014/2015.

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We are glad to announce that Excellent International Academy (EIA) has been invited to participate in the NZ Immigration Student Visa Pathway Pilot Project!
PATHWAY STUDENT VISA allows a student to be attending three different courses consecutively for up to 5 years on only one visa! 
This pilot project is running from December 7 onwards, and it will be valid for 18 months. One of the criteria for Immigration to invite Education Providers to participate in this project was that the school have an approval rate of Student Visas of 90% or more.
This new Pathway Student Visa will allow students to save time and money by needing to apply for only one application.
Please find more at:…/ap…/pathwaystudentvisas.htm
EIA offers:
- General English in the Morning 
- General English in the Evening 
- IELTS Preparation Course
- New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 5
- New Zealand Diploma in Business Level 6
Level 4, 16 Waverley Street (Off Queen Street) Auckland CBD.
Phone: 09-3666198

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Meet one of our students: Ariel Acuña from Argentina. He tells us about his experience studying at EIA. He came to Auckland through our Scholarship Program and his English competency is getting incredibly improved in just 2 months! If you are already in Auckland, try to get in touch with our School personally - come for a free trial class. Contact your agency and visit us!
+64 09 366 6198

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Temos o prazer de informar que Excellent International Academy (EIA) irá oferecer estes novos programas a partir de fevereiro de 2016 em nosso campus Waverley St em Auckland, New Zealand.
Estes novos programas irão preparar os alunos para cargos de gestão a nível operacional, ou para novos estudos na área de negócios e gestão. Estes programas foram desenvolvidos após novos requisitos publicados pela NZQA no início de 2015.
• Porta de entrada para futuros estudos
• Permissão de trabalho 20h / semana
• Qualificação Superior
• Alunos do nível 6 podem ter 1 ano WORK VISA após formados
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