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Andrew Thomas
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is the founder of Cravenhill Publishing

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Puma Energy’s process of consolidation was completed with a photography-centric rebrand. 
...and the photography is great

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Yes, I know, conventional wisdom is that kittens are the surefire way to get +1s & Likes. But as cats haven't cropped up in comms' news stories, a frog will have to do. If it gets enough +1s I might run with polar bears tomorrow!

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Andrew Thomas hung out with 9 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Liz Foggitt, Sara Gori, Penny Shepherd, Lee Smallwood, Matthew Morel, Emmaclare Huntriss, Hannah Hodges, Simon Cotterrell and Marianne Wilkerson

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Our annual Reputation in Financial Services conference starts in 25 minutes - on Google+! Get your colleagues and friends to head to, and join us to learn how communications professionals are focusing on their long term reputation and are positively positioning their companies, their products and their brands in the financial services sector

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Andrew Thomas hung out with 2 people. <a class='ot-hashtag' href=''>#hangoutsonair</a>Lee Smallwood and Hannah Hodges

Thanks heavens for Google+! 
Tomorrow sees our annual Reputation in Financial Services conference move to the Google+ platform, when a large number of our speakers found their flights or Eurostar trains cancelled. The choice was cancel the conference altogether or hold in Google+ 
A quick call to my friendly Google+ genius, +Lee Smallwood, who, as we speak, is hooking up Communicate's Google+ page with its YouTube page, and we're practically set.

More details to follow.

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Can't help feeling a bit chuffed that last night's CommsChat trended above the Consumer Electronics Show, Justin Bieber and Coronation Street. Oh, and Lionel Messi!
Thanks to Steve Davies for guesting. The transcript will be go up on later today.

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There is no denying the financial services industry faces challenging times: a hostile public, an accusing media, and an unsympathetic government. But has the tide begun to shift? July saw the publication of The Kay Review, and with it much talk of the financial services industry taking a more sustainable longer view. Whilst the review focused on market structures, can a longer view be the fillip the financial services brand needs? Can this be the answer to the issues facing those charged with their organisation's reputation management?

By moving away from the culture of "short-termism", is the financial services industry ready to reclaim its reputation by:

   * Rebuilding its relationship of trust with the public
   * Regaining equilibrium in its media depictions
   * Responding to and collaborating with the government and other regulatory stakeholders.

Now in it's fourth year, the annual Reputation in Financial Services conference is geared towards helping companies look forward. During the course of this dynamic and packed conference programme, delegates can put the lessons of the past in context, and learn  how communications professionals are focusing on their long term reputation and are positively positioning their companies, their products and their brands.

The conference will hear:

UKSIF explore long termism and sustainable brands
How AXA weaved a thread of reputation throughout each and every aspect of the organisation
Award-winning rebranded financial services firms discuss their brand transformation strategy
The initiatives European Commission are exploring
How MasterCard changed its communications from ‘broadcast’ to ‘listen and engage’
All this plus unique research, networking breaks and vital takeouts makes Reputation in Financial Services the only must-attend conference in its field.

Reclaiming the reputation of the financial services sector is crucial for those within and without the sector, and for the UK's economic health.

With four years of experience and development, the 2013 iteration of Reputation in Financial Services is a unmissable event for financial services professionals connected with their organisation's brand and reputation.

Join us on January 22nd if you have responsibility for any of the following: * Corporate communications * Public relations * Brand management * Reputation management * Public affairs * Lobbying * Internal communications * Branding * Rebranding * Investor relations * Marketing communications * Corporate affairs * Media strategy * CSR * Employee engagement 

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Social media rates a new TV metric
By now, it’s become conventional wisdom that Twitter is the new water cooler. It’s the place that those 'did you see what happened on...?' conversations take place.

In a rare acknowledgement of the changing times in the television industry, Nielsen, the US television rating company, has partnered with Twitter to create..../read more at

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Starbucks vs Google vs Amazon. Who's coping best with the tax avoidance backlash.
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