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Jon Gambini
Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles. -Charlie Chaplin
Nothing is permanent in this wicked world - not even our troubles. -Charlie Chaplin

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Holy crap. He pulled a Shogunyan. 

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7lb 15oz. 20" long. Say hello to the newest Gambini. 

At the hospital getting the wife ready to be split open like a Saw trap to have Son #2 introduced to the world! 

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Been GMing a Lebanese restaurant for the past six months, while recently customizing the crap outta my phone and re-playing through my gaming backlog with a Steam Controller.

Haven't been around these parts much recently.
So... what have you been up to?

Oh yeah, we're also getting the house ready for Kid #2 (end-of-march/beginning-of-april)!
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OMG. Gravity Falls' final episode is airing tomorrow.

Not as a season finale. But it's the end of the series.

Didn't realize it was ending so soon!

Only learned it with this tweet (huge props to @_AlexHirsch on this compliment).

Will certainly miss you, Mystery Shack crew.

Hey +Plex-atopians.

*EDIT: Got it working. tl;dr - Phone connecting to couldn't connect to server on Changed 192.168.2.X router to 192.168.1.X and am using it as an extension rather than a separate router (plugging first router into port 1 rather than WAN) and boom. All is well.*

Got an odd issue going down.

Just setup in a new place. All hardwired devices are great (running on the Ouya in the bedroom here, and on the PS3 in the kid's room just fine)... however my phone cannot find the server over WiFi.

Well, it can see the users, but then drops with a message almost immediately saying it lost contact. 

HOWEVER, i can access my server via Data on the phone (plexpass member).

So, my phone can access it from outside the network... but not over direct wifi. (so all ports are apparently setup correctly)

Any thoughts?

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Whoops, meant to put this in here and did it publicly instead.

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Any chance there's a way to run a +Plex server off of a HooToo Tripmate Elite? Or can portable clients access movies saved to it directly?


Any way to control PS3 Plex from my phone?

Any way to run playlists on PS3 Plex?

(Just paid my second month of PlexPass and love every minute of it)

+Plex Quick question- Any way to run playlists on the PS3 client? 
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