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A blog about everything you want and need to read about and less!
A blog about everything you want and need to read about and less!

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New post! Do you like the "fall back" part of daylight savings but hate the "spring forward" part? Well, I came up with a great solution that Pat calls "not going to work". We'll see.

Just moved into my own office at work today. How many wet bars in your office is too many wet bars? Or is there such a thing? Discuss.

I just started watching season one on DVD, so please no "Little House on the Prairie" spoilers.

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New post! Today we analyze the current state of the board game SORRY! and how it's raising a generation of pansies. #boardgames  

Sure, Pringles taste great, but their structural integrity is just laughable.

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New post! This week we talk about my overzealous dental hygienist and my fears that she wants to sex-murder me.

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We're back! We've been on our spring break vacations touring the Southwest (Me) and Northern California (Pat) so we haven't posted in awhile. 

But today that all changes with a new post! Which has nothing to do with the Southwest or Northern California or traveling. Huh. We kind of missed an opportunity there, I suppose. Oh well. The post is about Pat getting shushed at a concert. 

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Whoa hey! We had our three year blogiversary last week and we totally forgot about it. I don't think CNN had any coverage of it either. Losers. 

Anyways, go us! In belated celebration here's a link to one of our more popular posts over the years. It's about how I'm inadvertently stalking an HGTV House Hunters couple. Or maybe they're stalking me? Huh. I had never considered that before. Now I'm a little scared.

Vacationing with a 3 and a 5 year old is like vacationing with two feral cats that you have to keep with you at all times. And have to be fed 7 times a day.

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Here's an ABC News story about a family that had to call 911 because they were being held hostage by their cat. What kind of crazy backwoods town of stupid people does something like this... oh. It happened here in Portland. Sigh.
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