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Cynthia Burmester
Sci-fi/gamer geek, mom, ex-Theatre artist & event professional, singer.
Sci-fi/gamer geek, mom, ex-Theatre artist & event professional, singer.

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Ha ha ha ha ha! By the people who brought you Christmas Story Time. :D

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My Star Wars Tree!

Waved to +Chris Johnson & +Beth Anne Kay as we passed the exit to their town on the way to Snohomish at 1am this morning. Augh. Shooting an #indiefilm since 8am.

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Ah! Hello G+. I've been away. Here's a little Xmas greeting from my kid & his film maker friends. Enjoy!

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I cannot allow this to be the only place online I haven't blabbed about this. My kid (the mummy in the pic on this Tumblr) will be on +Grimm this Friday!

Someone tell me why my un-Techie spouse thinks a Mac Airport will be a better wireless router for our all PC house. His RoG laptop's connection is slow when at the other end of the house with the door closed - duh. Did he drink the Kool-Aid?

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I just caught up on about 5 days of G+ posts since my actor/geek kid is having trouble adding being a 7th grade student to his schedule so I've been playing homework Nazi  But, when he is studying or on the road to work/auditions we've been enjoying +The Doubleclicks  so I thought I'd just drop this here for y'all.

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It's been a while since I've found something to promote. Some amazing & spooky imagery in the trailer for this "Lovecraftian" Oregon film being featured at the Montreal ComicCon Horrorfest.

If anyone knows what's wrong with Chrome lately, please tell me.

For 2-3 weeks now I've been unable to use Chrome as a browser. Every tab, every page loads extremely slowly IF it will load at all. It's the same on other computers in my home as well. It still runs okay at work, however. I've been through every fix I can find on the web including uninstalling/reinstalling, clearing temps/caches/add-ons, etc. I also found several posts by other people with the same problem saying some recent update to Chrome was responsible.

I'm sad that Chrome is messed up right now because I really like having my tabs/etc synced between home & work & I'm just not in the mood to set up Firefox completely to my liking. I have no idea how to know when it will be updated again to see if it's fixed as their updates are transparent or at least I never noticed it update before.

Driving to +GeekGirlCon tomorrow!
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