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This isn't my profile anymore. I'm now on
This isn't my profile anymore. I'm now on

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Hello. G+ Has screwed up and I need to sign up again so I can use my actual address. This profile's not used anymore. Instead, you can catch me on

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Tremendous! Reminds me of the reduced shakespeare company stuff :)

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Ever watched an out-of-shape scotsman in his 30s lollop around a garden trying to catch four loose chickens?

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Well, till I can +1 on blogs properly, I'll just share this... we got our first egg from our new chooks last night!

OK, tried linking to a FB Event, got "Could not load website."


I'm in a bit of a fankle with my various google app/account/email logins. I'm allowed multiple google sign-ins... but I can't join them together for Plus... I think... HMN.

It would be nice if my YouTiube videos could match up to my "Videos" section on my profile... all Google systems, aint they?

Well. This will be pretty good, I reckon, once some people I know can turn up. a Friend Finder will be good... Even just syncing with my address book... or does it do that already?

Oh! Hello! I'm here! That's nice isn't it?
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